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NBC Addresses Concerns Over Black Women Series

On Monday, we spoke with NBC News' Rehema Ellis and Mara Schiavocampo about that network's weeklong series, delving into the lives of African-American women.

Called "African-American Women: Where They Stand," the project hasn't been without controversy.

Now on NBC's site, Ellis is responding to the audience reaction, and Schiavocampo (also a News & Notes contributor) is addressing two of the main criticisms of the series. Read her response, and come back and tell us what you think.

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the nbc series would have been better titled...

african-american women: the reasons why you should be thankful you are not one!

Sent by dirtyblues | 3:04 PM | 12-1-2007

Two comments on your segment on reaction to the NBC series on black women: First, given last week's news about how little people read, I think we need to raise important topics and issues in whatever forum will be accessed by them-- so your commentator's remark that these sorts of stories shouldn't be touched in the nightly news series 5-minute-at-a time format because of their complexity seems unrealisitc. Sure, this material is worthy of dissertations or extended studies, but the dialogue must include a nation of non-readers and people with elementary critical-thinking skills. The very fact that this series sparked a conversation in many arenas is testament to its success.

Second, I also take issue with what I think was the same commentator's view that black women have developed successful coping and self-advancement skills because of the dearth of black men in the home, or the dearth of black men taking responsibility for their family lives. Many of the high-achieving, independent and responsible black women I know grew up in two-parent homes, and/or with supportive and loving black fathers.

Those sort of speculative, sweeping unsupported generalizations have no place on such a great and thoughtful news program.

I love News and Notes-- I listen every day on the web.
Claire Garcia

Sent by Claire Garcia | 4:20 PM | 12-3-2007