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Democrats Court Crucial Latino Vote

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News Headlines: Jan. 29, 2007

Talk About It:
Wall Street Journal: Two Plays for Latino Vote — The battle among Democrats for the Latino vote is kicking into high gear. Sen. Hillary Clinton is counting on Latino voters to play a decisive role as several big states vote Feb. 5. Sen. Barack Obama is battling to overcome Sen. Clinton's lead and decades of hostility between Latinos and African-Americans in some major cities."

As the article puts it, "Blacks and Latinos have been at odds for decades in neighborhoods like South Central in Los Angeles, where the population has shifted from black to Hispanic."

And as Clinton pollster Sergio Bendixen told The New Yorker: "The Hispanic voter — and I want to say this very carefully — has not shown a lot of willingness or affinity to support black candidates."

Accepting that "the Latino vote" is no more monolithic than "the black vote," how do you think this block of voters will impact the election?

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"Sen. Barack Obama is battling to overcome Sen. Clinton's lead and decades of hostility between Latinos and African-Americans in some major cities."

Has there been decades of hostility between African Americans and Latinos? I know how bad things have gotten between African Americans and Latinos here in Los Angeles. The reason I can tell is because relations used to be very good between the two communities in the not too distant past. I think folks are trying to make the rift between the communities more than what it really is. Yes, it does exist. And it is really bad in the 'hoods. But to suggest that we have been at each other's throats for 'decades' is a bit much.

Sent by T. Rogers | 3:33 PM | 1-29-2008

This is for all of you LATINOS and LATINAS out there: I LOVE YOU!
We shouldn't forget that some LATINOS/LATINAS are of BLACK ancestry. I'm a BLACK MAN, and some of my favourite people are LATINO/HISPANICS. I have learned to read and write Spanish. I do speak it quite fluently. The Spanish Station UNIVISION is one of my favorite stations. I watch it every day. The intelligent BLACKS and LATINOS/HISPANICS do get along very well. Yes, there is a difference of opinions when it comes to these illegal imigrants, but we don't let that come between us. So, to you my LATINO BROTHERS and LATINA SISTERS out there: PLEASE LET'S GET ALONG AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER. OUR CULTURES AND HISTORIES ARE INTERTWINED. LET US SPREAD LOVE AND PEACE WHENEVER POSSIBLE. I have had so many HISPANIC friends in this country, and I am not going to keep making friends with them for as long as I am alive. And I am going to encourage my future children to do the same, with not only HISPANICS but all other enthnic groups. I am from West-Africa, and it was a WHITE MAN who sponsored me to come to this country. I have friends from almost every ethnic groups. I lOVE IT! I LOVE THEM ALL!
A loving African

Sent by BOUBACAR BAH | 12:11 PM | 2-12-2008


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