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How Do You Describe Your Religious Identity?

One of the largest polls ever conducted about Americans' view of religion shows that the "country increasingly exploring different faith identities and ways of worship."

"More than 40 percent of respondents told pollsters that they had changed their religious affiliation since childhood. Experts say the growth of religious minorities, American mobility and intermarriage are key factors in the churn documented in the Religious Landscape Survey."

According to the study, the Catholic Church lost the most followers of all faith groups. [Read more about the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey.]

How do you describe your religious identity? How has it changed over the years and why?



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How do I describe my religious identity? I was raised Catholic - I mean studying Catholism on Saturday afternoons for mass on Sundays Catholic and have a relative who studied and became a Nun.

How has it changed over the years and why? As I grew older, I questioned a lot of things about my childhood faith; some questions were left unanswered even in my Catholism classes. So I went through a time of not trying to be involved with any kind of religion but the subject of faith was always at the back of my mind.

I got to a place in life where I realized instead of cancelling out all kinds of religion, I could still have faith and less of the man-made traditions. So today, I call myself a Christian - a non-denomination Christian.

Sent by Moji | 1:44 PM | 2-26-2008

Being raised Catholic does something to a body; luckily they did not get my mind. I have always enjoyed the 45 minute service - in and out. Later in my life, after experience a Voodum service, i realized how much Catholicism borrowed and adapted from other cultures and forms of worship. But i am in no way mad at the Holy See; they did apologize for their part in slavery ??? though no reparations were offered.

My huge problem - with organized - the major organized religions is their posture of separation. In essence they all continue to pull us away from one another; and what is up with all these standing armies marching in the name of God or whomever?

Anyway, though wherever i go on the planet religious folk always want to recruit me to their fold, i subscribe to and call myself a Universalist. Do not bother looking it up ??? there is no such thing, as for me, it means i believe in the universal force. A force guiding me when i relax to it; if you need an underling philosophy attached to it, it would be articulated in the immortal words of the great Donny Hathaway: Everything is Everything.

One last point - The closest i ever felt to the Universal force was on the dance floor of Club Shelter when it was The Shelter off Hudson Street in NYC.
Truly God was in the House that early Sunday morning.
I Thank the Universe all the time for deep House music and the people it attracts - A truly spiritual group of folks.

Sent by audiodramatist | 3:10 PM | 2-26-2008

I know most of my peers in my gnereation (30 and under) view the church or organize religon as hypocritcal and extremely judgemental. And lately with the rise of Mega-Churchs, church is feeling anything but... a church.

I think overall in our society the sense of being in a community is kind of lost. Most people I know who do go to church, do not go to church in their own neighborhood, so that sense of a community is lost and feels more like joining an organization then practicing your faith.

Sent by BC Planning | 7:32 PM | 2-26-2008