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Why Journalists Hate Multimedia ...

Over the course of the coming months you'll notice us experimenting with multimedia ... and I do say "experimenting." I'll leave you in suspense about what's coming up (in part because we here at Team N&N are in suspense ... we're still planning it).

But I thought I'd share this funny blog post about why some journalists are miffed that they have to do this newfangled multimedia thing ... or that their bosses don't support it.

It is funny, but as blogger Mark Luckie notes, some of the language is NSFW (Not Safe for Work) because we salty journalists tend to curse a bit. Some of us. If that doesn't turn you off, enjoy.



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I try to keep civil but the show on Ancient Black Egyptians was too much! What Crap! That interview was one of the most blatant "bank-shot" racism tactics insulting Blacks/Africans on News and Notes we've heard. Ancient Egyptians, were Black and Black mix like U.S. Blacks. Not a separate group of Whites etc; and then for a short time say 50 years you say, they let the poor Blacks in. Then that was it! No, all of Africa was Black. (There was a mixing too.) Black Pharaoh's are shown getting slave White wives from the far northern tribes: Whites. These are the sort of things our U.S. European system works very hard to keep from history purged Blacks. Many Whites still see giving the real ancient history as Whites losing dignity and power over Blacks.

Who do you think south east Indians are? Also Greeks (with sickle-cell enigma) called by another name are? And many other peoples are Black at their foundation and start of their histories. (many peoples or ethnic groups were started by mass raping. I can understand that being keep quit. Except if that were Black history it would be shouted from the roof-tops and on television!) This is the real untold history of man that is hidden. Go to the elite universities and talk to PhD's.

At the (fall) of ancient Egypt the Greeks took over as in the White looking Pharaohs that are always shown om U.S. new and media. (don't forget about DNA proof! Oh yea)

Start here with your education "Tony." Others should see these short (9min videos also. (these will start your understanding on the secret global European plan put into action after the African/Moor"s ruled Scotland and a lot of Europe) Why the nonsense of Roman Catholic's saying: "if there is a Black Pope the world will come to an end"? As was said several times as the last pope was being picked. A world racist plan was put into action covering-up the African real start of technology and civilization!

This is part 1 & 2 of "Olmecs" sent before early..



Start of Chinese History; not what you think..

Indi Pt-1

Indi Pt-2

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