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Black Fathers Talk Reality vs. Reality TV

Rapper Snoop Dog and his family, as depicted on Snoop Dogg's Father Hood on E!. Courtesy of E! hide caption

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Courtesy of E!

Perhaps you've seen Snoop Dogg, Irv Gotti, or Rev. Run try their hands as TV dads. Heathcliff Huxtable they are not ... but this Boston Globe writer seems impressed nonetheless:

The parenting abilities displayed in these shows play against persistent stereotypes in pop culture that present black men as absent fathers. It's not only celebrities who are fighting this perception. Plenty of black men have become effective parents despite lacking a father figure growing up. Until recently, these men's struggles were barely recognized. Now a number of books, television shows, and films are celebrating this movement by showing black fathers responsibly parenting their children.

Read the rest. What do you think of the depiction of black fathers in popular culture?