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Going After Hillary on Bosnia

The political satirists have sharpened their knives after Senator Clinton backpedaled on her statements about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia. (We covered that inthis week's politics segment.)

Check out this video:

And this "fan-fiction" style parody.

What strikes me is that:
1) For the video, computer graphics have become so accessible to people outside of the big studio system that it adds and entirely different flavor to a parody. It's no Lord of the Rings, but it's certainly got some technical chops.
2) Fan fiction is a specialized genre for the political satire.
3) All of this is getting much more sophisticated and diverse ... political humor, that is.

But is it turning you off? Do you like it, or does it make you cynical?



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It is not surprising that NPR is reserving the right to censor comments on this segment. More than likely, the pro-Obama comments will make up the majority of the comments which will be displayed. It is as though the whole world has gone completely bonkers. How is it that Obama completely gets away with using a phrase like "typical white person" and this is completely ignored by NPR? Yet, Clinton misspeaks and it has been mentioned over and over and over and over again. It is obvious who NPR endorses -- the community organizer from Chicago. NPR might as well change it's name to BOR (Barack Obama Radio). It is like the birth of some horrifying cult of personality. And this sharply contrasts with NPR's depiction of Clinton who they portray as a modern day Medusa. Very poorly done.

Sent by Angela Lines | 4:34 PM | 3-29-2008

It just feels so bad that in this country the media seems to be so biased especially msnbc against Sen. Clinton in favor of Obama. The television news media has lost its crediblity and I will not longer believe much of anything they report after the way they have mishandled reporting on this election. Obama is being projected as though he has a right to be president because he is black man. It also seems as though much of the media has devalued Sen. Clintons strength and experience because she is a woman and have dismissed her aspirations for being president as less compelling than Obama's. As parents, our children's gender do not detemine whether or not one will be more capable or more valuable than the other. Sen. Clinton is just as valuable a role model to young girls of all races as Obama is to young black boys. For hundreds of years we have had men presidents and look where it has gotten us. We've gone from one sex scandal to the next down to an economy torn to shreds all under male presidents. Maybe it is time that we bring the stature, grace, dignity and intelligence of a woman to the office of the presidency this time. I think Sen. Hillary Clinton will bring all of those things and more to the white house as well as her ability to get up everyday and work her heart out for the American people. I wish the media would stop propping up Obama just because he is a black man with extreme ambition, backed by questionalbe doners, and has a controversial spiritual mentor. I think American needs hire Sen. Clinton because I have a strong feeling she'll make the best president this country has ever had.

Sent by Evelyn | 12:47 PM | 3-31-2008

"Obama is being projected as though he has a right to be president because he is black man" HUHH????

Hey, you have excuse Barack Obama on behalf of all men that what wanted to be president. He just doesn't know his place or play his part correctly. He was supposed to make way for Her Highness Hillary and His Royal Badness, Bill Back to the White House Steamroller. Funny thing happened on the way back, American voters from all across the spectrum have come out and said, "Not so fast my friend". It has nothing to do with race because had it then what in the devil possessed all those Black people disguised as White people in Iowa to get the party started by voting for him instead of a bunch of white candidates? It's not about gender because women like the man too and are voting for him. It's not about experience because if it were then why isn't Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd not still in the race? It's about who people feel that can unite this country and get us back to where we need to be. Hillary Clinton is her own worst enemy. The Clinton negatives are just off the charts and for alot of people the Bosnia thing was the last comical straw.

Liar Liar pantsuit on fire!

Sent by Thomas B | 8:06 PM | 3-31-2008


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