NPR logo When Is a Sex Scandal NOT a Sex Scandal?

From Farai

When Is a Sex Scandal NOT a Sex Scandal?

Today we led with the indictment of Detroit's "Hip Hop Mayor," Kwame Kilpatrick. He faces multiple counts on charges including obstruction of justice.

But the charges are about obstruction of justice — or a cover-up — not about sex itself.

Still, it seems like headline writers get a lot more mileage out of the idea of a sex scandal than an investigation into whether the Mayor lied to the court. Some of the headlines running on the wires and in the papers today include:

Detroit Mayor Faces Charges in Sex Scandal

Detroit Mayor Charged in Text-Message Sex Scandal

Another U.S. Democrat Involved In Sex Scandal

(That last one is from Radio Netherlands.)

The Kilpatrick case seems, to me, Nixonian. (Of Watergate, the former president said, "It's not the crime that kills you, it's the cover-up.")

Nixon fought to stay in office, but eventually resigned.

Kilpatrick's been indicted, and he's still fighting ...
Do you think he will resign or hang on until he's forced to go?