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Casting Couch Picks: The Obama Life Story

When we heard Tyler Perry was considering a film script inspired by the life of Michelle Obama ... we took the opportunity to kick around names of actors we'd cast in an Obama biopic.

So, here are our picks.

Obama and Will Smith

As Barack Obama ... Will Smith (this was an easy one)

Michelle Obama and Regina King

As Michelle Obama ... Regina King (in the no-nonsense/loving wife role she knows well)

Hillary Clinton and Meredith Baxter

As Hillary Clinton ... Meredith Baxter (or Cybil Shepperd, but we're still creeped out by her Martha Stewart portrayal)

Marian Robinson and Margaret Avery

As Michelle Obama's Mom (Marian Robinson) ... Margaret Avery (a dead-ringer)

Malia and Sasha Obama and Willow Smith and Jamia Simone Nash

As the Obama Kids (Malia and Sasha) ... Willow Smith and Jamia Simone Nash (the ages are a little off, but still ...)

David Axlerod and James Eckhouse

As Obama Chief Strategist David Axlerod ... the Dad from Beverly Hills 90210 (whatever happened to that guy, anyway?)

Agree? Disagree? Weigh in!

(Photo Credits: Getty Images, The Boston Globe, IMDB)