Haitians Riot Over Sharply Rising Food Prices : News & Views Haitians riot over sharply rising food prices.
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Haitians Riot Over Sharply Rising Food Prices

Haitians run through the streets during demonstrations in Port-au-Prince against the cost of living in Haiti. Thony Belizaire, AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Thony Belizaire, AFP/Getty Images

Riots and unrest have thrown parts of Haiti into chaos, as people protest the high cost of living and sharply rising food prices.

The AP describes the scene on the ground:

"On Wednesday, police cleared away torched cars and other debris left by two days of looting and rioting. But helicopters circled the air amid black smoke rising from intersections as protesters continued to set tires ablaze, and gunfire was heard throughout Petionville, where many diplomats and foreigners live.

Several people have been injured by bullets and rocks in the capital, including a Haitian police officer, U.N. police spokesman Fred Blaise said. Five people have been killed in food riots in the southern city of Les Cayes, where protesters tried to burn down the U.N. compound last week."

The article also points out this interesting fact:

"Food prices, which have risen 40 percent on average globally since mid-2007, are causing unrest around the world. But they pose a particular threat to democracy in Haiti, where most people live on less than US$2 (euro1.27) a day."

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