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Consider this "a very special" Insert the Caption — Pennsylvania primary style. Here, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, eat breakfast at Pamela's Diner in Pittsburgh today, as polls opened in Pennsylvania.

Barack and Michelle

Emmanuel Dunand, AFP/Getty Images

What's really going on here? And while we're on the topic ... what do you think will be the outcome of today's voting?



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Michelle Obama dresses down the waitress who brought her Equal instead of her requested Splenda.

And I say Hillary takes it by 5, but not enough to make a dent. She's out by the morning.

Sent by Steve Leigh | 3:15 PM | 4-22-2008

Now I know why the Pope only eats in private!

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 4:20 PM | 4-22-2008

left to right:
"I'm outa here in 10 minutes to play 'ball with the gang as is my custom on primary days"-
-"Over my dead body!"

Sent by Bart Mehlhop | 7:00 PM | 4-22-2008

"Can she have fries with that?"

Sent by Linda Bagnato | 1:24 AM | 4-23-2008

"I thought the waitress said 'apple', not scrapple"!"

Sent by sarah jurick | 2:14 AM | 4-23-2008

Michelle- [bubble caption] " I know MY GIRL did not just say THAT up in this here joint...heck naw! wait til I get her home..."

Daddy B- [bubble caption] "..shucks, Mi gonna kill my later for this one cuz we is out in public and all but i gots to say it...lemme not look MY GIRL dead in the eye and refocus my displeasure on these eggs sunside up and not done...." Wait person can i get some tabasco, please i got a hot day today!"

now who was sitting across from them, humm

Sent by K MJUMBE | 1:27 PM | 4-23-2008

Oh No, Obama girl did NOT serve me my meal. I'ma grease up and take it OUTSIDE!

Sent by fifi | 7:29 PM | 4-24-2008


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