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Morning Headlines: Rev. Wright Press Tour Analysis

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Here's just a sample of what some of the nation's papers and editorial writers have to say about Rev. Jeremiah Wright's recent media blitz:

New York Post: Fiery Rev. O's Cross to Bear — "Barack Obama's worst nightmare ... delivered his most brutal wallop to his pal's campaign ..."

Chicago Tribune: Wright's Curious Mission — "By the end of Wright's performance, you had to wonder if he was trying to torpedo Obama's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination."

Chicago Sun-Times: Wright's Words Could Leave Obama's Campaign in Pieces — "Instead of dousing the flames, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. has rekindled the fire ..."

Bob Herbert: The Pastor Casts a Shadow — "The Rev. Jeremiah Wright went to Washington on Monday not to praise Barack Obama, but to bury him."

Washington Post: The Audacity of Rev. Wright — " is the Rev. Wright, not Mr. Obama, who yesterday chose to further discredit himself."

Eugene Robinson: Where Wright Goes Wrong — "This media tour he's conducting is doing a disservice that goes beyond any impact it might have on Obama's presidential campaign."

George Will: A Pastor at Center Stage — "[Wright] is a demagogue with whom Obama has had a voluntary 20-year relationship."

How do you think this situation play out? What's your impression of Rev. Wright? Is he intentionally trying to throw Obama's campaign off the rails?