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Clinton Scrutinized Over RFK Remark

By now, you've no doubt heard about the latest dust-up in the Democratic race for the White House: Hillary Clinton's invoking of the assassination of RFK, as a justification for her continued pursuit of the nomination.

She made the comment during an interview with a newspaper editorial board:

What's your opinion of her comments?

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I think that Hillary Clinton says very little that is not calculated.

Sent by Pamela Brown | 4:27 PM | 5-27-2008

This nomination was Senator Clinton's nomination to lose. She has done a bang up job of turning people who cared for her, against her. Instead of worrying about the prsidency, she should worry about how this bid will impact her next attempt at maintaining her senatorial seat in New York. I can not imagine that she will be seen in the same way she was seen prior to this attempt to run for the presidency, by anyone. I am afraid that the bloom is off the rose and it may never return.

Sent by yvonne/st. louis | 5:18 PM | 5-27-2008

I'm done with her

Sent by MsA | 9:04 PM | 5-27-2008

please discuss Keith Olbermann's reaction on Countdown last week.

Sent by Ama | 1:17 AM | 5-28-2008

According to Matthew 12:34, Jesus said, "from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." I do not believe this statement would have departed from the lips of Mrs.Clinton were they first not in her heart.

Sent by Randy | 12:59 PM | 5-28-2008