NPR logo Has Google Finally Met Its Match?

Has Google Finally Met Its Match?

Personalized Google

Sure, Google has cornered the market on search. But if this trick takes hold, their name may no longer be as ubiquitous.

Zyber Media's allows you to replace Google's name with your own ... or whatevever word you choose, by laying a customized "skin" over Google's search interface.

Here's how:

Use this link, swapping out "NAME" with whatever word you want to display.

Paste it into your Web browser ... and voila!

(Special thanks to our very own Tony Cox for putting us onto this.)



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I am from Pimp My Search, thank you very much Geoffrey for this post :)

Sent by PimpMySearch | 3:14 PM | 5-14-2008

Glad to do it. Why not tell us more about how you came up with the site and how it works?

Sent by Geoffrey Bennett, NPR | 3:19 PM | 5-14-2008

Sure Geoffrey, We started PimpMySearch in 2005, its a fun non-commercial project for our company...Basically its a novelty website to create your own Personalized search engine & share it with Friends!.

Sent by PimpMySearch | 8:09 PM | 5-14-2008

Why do you have to put in your password and do you capture all these passwords? Seems like it could a phish scam?

Sent by JD | 12:20 AM | 5-15-2008

Hi JD,

Our invite process is the same as Facebook or Myspace. You are asked to provide your webmail username/password to import your contacts, select friends and then invite.

Please note that we never store your login details or contacts. Also we do not use them for any other purpose other than to retrieve your contacts (at the time of inviting). Also you can always skip inviting by clicking the 'later' link in the bottom of the invite screen.

Anyway please see our privacy policy for more details

Sent by PimpMySearch | 3:25 PM | 5-15-2008

ya pimpmysearch is a nice website many peoples are lickeing it i also want to tell about a new search engine which is just developed but growing very fastely.its

Sent by raja | 2:22 AM | 6-9-2008