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Carter to Obama: Don't Pick Hillary for VP

Now that Barack Obama has sealed the Democratic nomination, his first major consideration: Who to pick as a running mate?

Hillary Clinton says she's interested. But former president — and Obama supporter — Jimmy Carter says "it would be the worst mistake that could be made."

Listen to what he told The Guardian:



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You gotta give it up for President Carter; he always know how to make news.

My question is: when will this party start uniting?

Sent by Moji | 12:57 PM | 6-4-2008

Response to Moji: The party will start uniting when people realize that not supporting the Democratic nominee because it's your nominee is a sure fire way to get McCain into office in January 2009.

Sent by MJ | 3:16 PM | 6-4-2008

My advice to Senator Obama is,Listen to former President Carter,He said Don't Pick Hillary For Vice-President Because that would invite unpopularity to the Campaign,Bill Richardson,Evan Bayh & John Edwards would do a Better job as Vice-President Not Senator Clinton.

Sent by John Huerta | 6:04 PM | 6-4-2008

I don't believe I'm writing this, but I agree with Jimmy Carter. Run out & buy a lotto ticket, because this day will never come again.

Having a former First Lady just one heartbeat away from the Oval Office and a former President as the Second Gentleman will always act as a fifth column in his Administration, let alone the leftover acromony from the primary.

This attempt to "balance the ticket" be it ideologically or geographically, hasn't worked since JFK, and, even there, he only received 49.7% of the vote (i.e., not a majority). Remember that Mondale's choice Ferraro (remember her?) didn't even deliver her home state.

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 2:17 AM | 6-5-2008

To ms. moji, et al.--
the party(ies) [democratic, green or republican] can only commence uniting if and when the nation itself sets the precedent of healing its festering canker sore of systemic racism with its omni-present, virulent, malignant pus of white supremacy.

it is ludicrous on the merits for ms. clinton and all those who supported her to presume that her "whiteness" and her older white female backers are "entitled" to some numbers placate and/or place marker within the annals of the democratic party as it is currently constitute to denoted some vain, arrogant achievement brought on mainly via malfeasance and the ole standard bearer of "dirty" politics.

The problem as so aptly stated back in 1965 [you know the year Africans in the northern portion of the Americas were really freed on paper, at least] by James Baldwin in an essay entitled "White Man's Guilt" and published in that once old standard bearer, Ebony magazine, prior to its economic "skin lightening" and redirection rebranding quote:

"I have often wondered, and it is not a pleasant wonder, just what white Americans talk about with one another. I wonder this because they do not, after all, seem to find very much to say to me [italics], and I concluded long ago that they found the color of my skin inhibiting. This color seems to operate as a most disagreeable mirror, and a great deal of one's energy is expended in reassuring white Americans that they do not see what they see. This is utterly futile, of course, since they do [italics] see what they see. And what they see is the appallingly oppressive and bloody history known all over the world. What they see is a disastrous, continuing, present condition which menaces them, and for which they bear an inescapable responsibility."

ms. clinton cannot be considered a viable running mate to mister obama because she has racial issues with men of colour in general and men of african descendant in particular. And by default of that, ms. clinton also has issues with women of colour and African women in particular especially those whom she and her clan cannot patronize and/or collect on prior favors too. i think it high time for African, asian and latina women feminist out there to come to the conclusion that white women issues may not be their issues and there maybe more power in separate numbers especially when the agenda setters within the feminist movement time and time again backburner issues specifically impacting women of colour.

If Mr. McCain all of a sudden within the last year has had a change of view of African peoples and now at the old age of 72 has deemed us "acceptable" then perhaps he should seriously consider picking Alan Keyes as a vice president running mate. Barring Mr. Keyes, how about one of your African VietNam veteran buddies as a running mate? Show me your love and i might show you my hanging chad come November. The concept of having two males of African descent as options in both parties that are predominate within this non-democratic political paradigm would make it far more worthy of the price of the ticket for vote casting.

So, the party can commence uniting when mister obama sets his house in order by achieving some union amongst his core heritage base amongst peoples of african descent and that means some back tracking and apologies to mister wright because he would not have been a senator without that chi-town faith core and he would not be where he is today about maybe to knock open an old "whites only" door in dc had he not got to sit down in pew number three.

PS -and the only women i would even consider pulling a voting lever for on the merits would have been ms. Barbara Jordan as well as Ms. Shirley Chisholm within the confines of the usa political processes.

Sent by K MJUMBE | 5:08 AM | 6-5-2008

I agree. Senator Obama should not pick Senator Clinton for VP. She does not deserve the honor. Maybe there is a place for her elsewhere in the Obama administration. Bill Richardson would be a complementary choice for VP.

Sent by IE | 9:25 AM | 6-5-2008

I also agree with the comments made by Former President Jimmy Carter that Mr. Obama should not pick Senator Hillary Clinton for VP, because of the problem with former President Bill Clinton has constant criticized Senator Obama and Hilary called him an "Elitist" and many other names, it is clear that she is getting ready to run against him in 4 yrs.

Sent by Faheem | 2:56 AM | 6-8-2008

the "dream team" is more of a pipe dream -- putting Obama and Clinton together would only assure they'd win the general election in san francisco and, possibly, new york city.

dunno where you all have been but from where i sit i am hearing it from all sides: there are a lot of democrats all over the map who do not want to vote for a black candidate, simply because he's black. that's a fact.

the elderly mother of a friend in cincinnati feels her only choice is McCain. an elderly couple in my nyc neighborhood said: "has it come to this?!" a friend in vermont says, "now, Michelle, i find her really scary."

hey, listen up, all you fools who have screwed it up so far -- that means the media, the dnc, legislators in michigan and (understandably) florida, as well as the ultra liberal electorate across the board.

Obama needs a running mate that those feeling threatened and disenfranchised can identify with, a conservative white male from a huge state in the south east or west to balance out his ticket.

bottom line: i will vote for whomever the democratic candidate is not because i identify with an upper middle class corporate lawyer (either male or female), but because i know it is counted as a vote against the republican candidate.

Sent by Marcus | 11:09 PM | 6-9-2008


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