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From Farai

Holla if You Hear Me, Los Angeles!

I went to a class yesterday and met a wonderful, avid fan of News & Notes. It's happened many times ... which is wonderful because although we broadcast out of L.A., we don't air in L.A. We have no way of knowing how many people who podcast us are from L.A., either.

So ... hey ... if you live here in the City of Angels, we want to hear from you. Give us a shout. I personally would love to do a get-together for the show sometime...



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I live and L.A. and try to keep up with you all as much as I can. Please keep up the good work! And yes, L.A. is checking for you!

Sent by T. Rogers | 5:28 PM | 6-2-2008

Where would we be without NPR radio? We wouldn't be able to get a fair and balanced view of political and social issues that frame our society, that's where we would be! Long live NPR and the excellent conscious staff that keep us informed and allow us to express our views in an intelligent enviorment.

Sent by Neema Barnette | 2:06 PM | 6-3-2008

I love NPR!
Finally, a breath of fresh air of people opinions, facts, history, etc...

much love

Sent by Reylynn | 2:58 PM | 6-3-2008

its a bad day when i have to trek to LA from the west coast and miss out on the best part of my day....... News & Notes

Sent by M Keshavarz | 4:41 PM | 6-3-2008

And what are we here in San Diego? Fish tacos?

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 8:23 PM | 6-3-2008

News & Notes is an extremely significant show. As it is, it is poised to deal with some of the most substantial social and political changes in our society since the 1960s. This show must be a part of any live line up in LA.

Sent by Kali Nicole Gross | 12:37 PM | 6-4-2008

I can hear you too. I listen via Sirius Satellite Radio and at my computer.

Sent by Lori A. Harris | 4:20 PM | 6-4-2008

Even though I don't live in LA - sorry. I had to chime in. I love this show. I listen to it religiously every day. I'm so sad that it's only an hour long. I've read somewhere that a venture to have a 24 hour Black news network is in the works. I would love for the show to evolve in a program on TV to reach an even broader audience or for maybe those who don't listen radio programs.

Sent by Nadine | 4:54 PM | 6-4-2008

I'm in Los Angeles and I'm a listener. I listen at my computer at work or at home when I can swing the time. Keep on keepin' on, y'all. I love the show.

Sent by Sploo | 8:03 PM | 6-5-2008