Lifestyles & Trends: Oprah's Got an Obama Problem?

We're adding another dimension to News & Notes — video.

More video features are coming soon ... but to begin, we'll be posting highlights and extra Hollywood dish from our entertainment contributor, Newsweek national correspondent Allison Samuels.

Here's a recent segment:

On the Show: Oprah May Be Paying a Price for Obama Support



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Wow! N&N goes video! I'm impressed! The intro was pretty snazzy. I would really like to see video segments of the 'Bloggers Roundtable' if technically possible. Those segments sound really fun.

Sent by Bill M | 7:46 PM | 6-3-2008

afro-am unite!

Sent by Rollie Fingers | 3:56 AM | 6-4-2008

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your comment. We will be adding more video segments soon. The challenge in videotaping the Bloggers Roundtables is that most of our bloggers are located outside of Los Angeles....

Thanks again for your feedback!


Sent by Nicole Childers, Executive Producer, News and Notes | 1:18 PM | 6-4-2008

This is a great addition to a great site. Nicely done, NPR. Excellent editing.

Sent by Allie Comeau | 1:52 PM | 6-4-2008

Re: video

I think the content drives enough. The video took a little away from my experience. At times I was distracted. And for some reason radio just comes across as more credible?

Unless the setting/studio is change don't like video of a radio show.

in some cases...extending hot topic interviews or conversations beyond the on air time limit..making them available on podcast would be better. imo

Sent by Jon J | 2:30 PM | 6-6-2008

I love this! Please find a way give fans the chance to embed the videos into our blogs & pages.

Sent by Barry | 8:47 PM | 6-6-2008

it would be nice to see the barber shop segments on video if possible. They always have me cracking up on my way home from work.

Sent by Princess | 12:47 AM | 6-12-2008


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