Best of the Week

'News & Notes' in Review: June 9-13, 2008

Best of the Week

June 9-13, 2008

From the Show:
Obama's Race a Factor for Latino Voters?
Al Sharpton Sizes Up Generations of Black Leaders
Assessing Black Leadership
Morgan Tsvangirai Sizes Up Zimbabwe Elections
Larger than Life Black Dads on the Small Screen

From the Blog:
Politics: The View from the Air
Who Won This Fight? Spike or Clint?
'Cause I'm White, Y'all (Supposedly)
Umm ... Uhh ... Is That Supposed to Be Barack?

Coming up on Monday, we pay tribute to Tim Russert with CNN's Suzanne Malveaux and NPR's Michele Norris.



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In case you don't hear it enough...News & Views is awesome! The content is varied and interesting...the interviews are insightful and I look forward to every podcast.

a loyal listener,
jazztheologian (

Sent by | 12:12 AM | 6-14-2008

Interview with Mr. Tsvangirai - As an African, I wonder about all this press regarding western styles political paradigms and democracy since no nation is really democratic by definition. But any time a African or Black man is being bank rolled by a bunch of whites and has to flee the country in which he is running for a political office whilst leading his constituency that really saids a lot about his inability to lead and defend his nation and peoples. I would rather die on my "nos terra" land of my birth and let my blood mix with the red earth than flee like a jackal with his tail betwixt his legs. But of course, I have come to the conclusion not every African is African nor every black is Black. Its more about what one is radiating from the inside than what one is reflecting from the outside. i digress but i predict that should mister Tsvangirai prevail and he ushers in his white backers to set roost on the economy of Zimbabwe I would give him 24 months before he goes the way of Samuel Doe from deep inside his very own MDC.

What really is not said in this whole debate is what were the terms of the Lanchester House agreement giving rise under Ms. Thatcher to the independence of Zimbabwe from Rhodesia under British stewardship and were all parties in adherence to the letter of the clauses. The problem of Zimbabwe today is an old one from 1979-80 that has yet to be resolved according to terms of the agreement and not one of elections. But, again, I digress.

Sent by K MJUMBE | 2:41 AM | 6-18-2008


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