NPR logo Umm ... Uhh ... Is That Supposed to Be Barack?

Umm ... Uhh ... Is That Supposed to Be Barack?

Barack Doll

A German dollmaker is "paying tribute" to Barack Obama with a new doll. The limited edition figurine — which costs $216 — wears a black suit, a blue necktie, and a flag lapel pin.

Offermann admits that the physical resemblance to Obama could have been closer. "The doll works more on a symbolic level," he said. "It's a symbiosis of the clothing and the fact it's a black doll."

Offermann, who admits he is a "personal fan" of Obama, explains that he wanted to make the doll out of his respect for Barack Obama. "I find it sensational that a colored or black person is this close to becoming US president," he said.

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