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Who Do You Consider a Living Legend?

We're working on an upcoming series about living legends — people who have blazed trails or achieved the seemingly impossible ... and those who have lived quiet lives while having a huge impact.

Who do you consider a living legend? If there's someone you would like us to interview or profile, leave their name ... and yours ... below.



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I would love to see Bill Moyers interview Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Senator Robert C. Byrd (separately, of course).

Thank you,

Jeannie Gibbons

Sent by Jeannie Gibbons | 5:10 PM | 6-25-2008

I would love to hear the News and Notes crew interview Black revolutionaries of the 1970s generation: Assata Shakur, Geronimo Pratt, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, Omali Yeshitela, Ashanti Alston. Where are they at now? What are they up to? How has their thinking and their activism, if they're still active, changed since the days of the Black Liberation movement?

Sent by James Schmidt | 8:39 PM | 6-25-2008

i agree with James Schmidt, and here is a link to an interview with Ashanti Alston:

Love the show,
Kathryn Miller

Sent by kathryn miller | 10:16 PM | 6-25-2008

I would love to hear an interview with NBA legend Bill Russell. I believe he was a pioneer and trailblazer in the world of professional sports.

I really want to hear the side of his story that took place away from the court. I think it would be good for the younger generation to get the real scoop on him and what he had to deal with. By the time I became a fan of the game Mr. Russell was long gone.

Just consider it.


Sent by Taiwan Rogers | 6:28 PM | 6-26-2008

humm... J schmidt is the right church but from the pews on the opposite side of church. Interviews like:

Dr. Angela Davis & Kathleen Cleaver in a dialogue about women in the Black Panther Party; Ms. Cicely Tyson [wow! 74 she is a strong carib african woman] since she performed the only role worthy of Oscar like honours for Sounder [she is really the first African woman desiring such esteem Ms. H Berry for a call girl role..naw so hollywood typical and racist cliche regarding how THEY perceive women of colour], any Pullman Porter you can find to discuss days on the rail; any world war II veteran who fought in the pacific and europe on discussions of the racism they re-experienced on their return to the usa after 1943...and finally, Myrlie Evers-Williams on her life so brief with Medgar Evers.

Sent by K MJUMBE | 3:58 AM | 6-29-2008