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Thurgood Marshall Would Turn 100 Today ...

A hundred years ago today, Thurgood Marshall — the first black Supreme Court justice — was born in Baltimore.

On today's show, Farai Chideya spoke with regular contributor Mary Frances Berry about Marshall's legacy.

Check out this clip — billed as a "lost interview" between Marshall and Mike Wallace.

Though it's undated, Marshall talks about Adam Clayton Powell's controversial support of Republican president Dwight Eisenhower and the Democratic Party's failure to act on segregation in the South.

"I think that in Congress today, the only bipartisan action is against civil rights and Negroes' right," he says.



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Such a great legacy as his is forever tarnished because of his vote to oppose the right to life and support the abortion industry in the Roe v. Wade decision, much as Chief Justice Taney's legacy is defined solely by his Scott v. Sanford decision.

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon | 1:37 PM | 7-2-2008


I am a dedicated "News and Notes" listener. Tonight's show (7/2/08) celebrating the 100th birthday of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall was informative and I learned something new about his career. However, other than mentioning that Baltimore-Washington International Airport was renamed in his honor, you did not say that Thurgood Marshall was born and bred in Baltimore! Aren't you from Baltimore too? I no longer live there, but I am a 5th-generation Baltimorean and I am proud of that city, its history, and its "old money, blue collar" culture.

Also, on your 11/28/07 show (the reason I remember this is because I drafted a response but never sent it) regarding the absence of the Republican candidates at Tavis Smiley's Presidential debate at Morgan State University, you did not correct Ron Christie's statement that Morgan was located "outside" of Baltimore City. Morgan (an HBCU historically black college and university) is located in Northeast Baltimore City and, like the city in general, is deserving of the positive, national recognition that your show provides. Think about it, Baltimore's mayor, city council president and comptroller--the three most powerful positions in city government--are Black women!

I know my comments may be petty, but please accent them as being constructive! I am just proud of my roots, and I AM LISTENING to what is being said on the show!

Mark Dorsey
Hallandale Beach, Florida

Sent by Mark Dorsey | 11:40 PM | 7-2-2008

re: undated
Based on the phillies schedule, the interview appears to have been done on April 16, 1957. On that date, the Phillies opening game was against the brooklyn dodgers, which they lost 6-7... which is consistent with the "bulletin" Wallace includes in his piece. see

Sent by paul lukasiak | 7:43 AM | 7-3-2008

There are many Justice Marshall did, or said that not in agreement with the majority opinion/position, e.g. He was not an ardent supporter of Martin Luther King, Jr.

His legacy shines as brightly as ever in spite of efforts to lessen his legacy, and value to African America.

Sent by James Wesley Chester | 5:38 PM | 7-3-2008