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What's Your Mother/Daughter Relationship Like?

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On tomorrow's show, Farai Chideya will speak with author Rebecca Walker — daughter of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Alice Walker — about Rebecca's new memoir, Baby Love: Choosing Motherhood After a Lifetime of Ambivalence.

In it, Rebecca expands on her estrangement with her feminist mother. Here's part of how Publishers Weekly sums up her book:

"[Rebecca] Walker tells of her physical and emotional journey toward motherhood, poignantly reflecting on the ambivalence that has delayed her dream of having a child for years. Like many 20- and 30-somethings, she was raised to view partnership and parenthood as the least empowering choices in an infinite array of options. This tension comes to the fore as Walker's mother, Alice Walker, opposes her decision to have a baby and challenges her account of their relationship in Black, White and Jewish. Alice ends their relationship and removes Rebecca from her will, and Rebecca endures a tumultuous pregnancy, estranged from her mother as she prepares to become one herself."

The conversation with Rebecca Walker — given context by Dr. Phyllis Chessler (also on tomorrow's show) — raises a host of questions about feminism and the dynamic between mothers and daughters.

For our women readers, how would you characterize your relationship with your mother and/or daughter?

Listen to the segment.