A Hillary Clinton Supporter To The End ...

If you watched CNN's DNC coverage last night ... then you, no doubt, know all about Clinton supporter and DNC delegate Anne Price-Mills. Here's a reprise:

What say you?



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Thumbs down! How can you NOT vote after all our forefathers/mothers went through to get the right to vote. If you are a staunch Democrat, then you will vote, and vote for the party's nominee.

Sent by ernise | 2:22 PM | 8-27-2008

I am a card carrying flag waving African American. If she is..then she must do he part to ensure the political process works for (the) US. How can she not know that every vote counts and a NO vote is a Republican vote. If enough Democrats stay at home then McCain wins! Is that what she wants?

Sent by Robbie | 3:08 PM | 8-27-2008

This woman needs to get a grip and GET OVER IT!!! And that goes for the other Hillary supports. How can you not vote? This is not about Hillary. She would rather the country continue on the same wicked decent than vote for Barack? No descent card carrying Democrat or people of African descent would throw away their right to vote, especially in this election. Get with the program!

Sent by sonia | 4:29 PM | 8-27-2008

The term "Drama Queen" came to mind when I saw her on CNN last night. I changed channels. Hillary is her Goddess and she worships at her shrine---Nothing Barack has done or will do matters---however, in the latter part of her campaign Hillary chose to align herself with McClain and some of the bigots that supported him to draw away his support and use it against Barack, which is why he can easily use her ads and follow her lead in using negative campaign ads today.

Sent by Glenda | 4:40 PM | 8-27-2008

This is unbelievable. I've never seen anything like this in all my born days. It was embarrassing watching her. This woman is all emotion and no common sense. Is this what Hillary Clinton fought so hard for - for some women to let their emotions completely take over reasoned facts? Obama's platform is not that much different from Hillary's. If this woman is truly concerned about women's rights she'll stop her crying and get to work for Obama. Otherwise, the rest of us will be stuck with a man who agaisnt a woman's right to choose and against pay equity.

Sent by marian | 6:11 PM | 8-27-2008

Asking a politician to actually earn her vote! How dare she?!?

It's her vote, let her do what she wants with it, STOP HATING PEOPLE!!

Sent by Bill M | 6:57 PM | 8-27-2008

This Democrat is unmoved, my heart is still hard as stone, and I WILL NOT vote for Obama, no way, no how. To do so would set a dangerous precedent of allowing the media to select the President. Say what you will, call me what you will, but this loyal Democrat is going to Rain McCain on Obama.

Sent by joe byrd | 8:48 PM | 8-27-2008

GET OVER IT, we would have all put our support behind Hillary if she had gotten the nomination, which she didnt. So get with the program and VOTE for OBAMA and keep us from repeating another 12 year rule republican RULE!

Sent by Lincoln Perry | 12:08 AM | 8-28-2008

As a woman, I agree with the first comment: "How can you NOT vote after all our forefathers/mothers went through to get the right to vote?" In addition, if a voter is truly inspired by Hillary's positions, why would she not want to vote for Obama - whose positions are very similar - rather than sitting it out and risk McCain. McCain, who has voted consistently against women's health issues (see his response at the July town hall meeting in Wisconsin Since we know that Hillary is not going to be president in '09, I am sure she would prefer working in the Senate with a Democratic president in office, rather than "more of the same."

Sent by L. Cannon | 10:30 AM | 8-28-2008

I think you have to acknowledge that this woman was speaking right out after Clinton's speech, which had made her very emotional. Of course she was emotional! I don't think Obama's team is going to get anywhere somehow ignoring that emotion--that's why they asked Clinton to speak and why she framed it as brilliantly as she did. Yelling at her to get over it is not going to accomplish anything. Speaking with her about her concerns of misogyny would be a better step. The elegant and powerful Michelle Obama may do a lot to bring women to Obama's side--but she still has to be a wife rather than someone in power.

I do find the "experience" button so strange. Yes, Clinton's name has been in front of the public for a lot longer, but I'm not convinced she has much more political experience than Obama. They have been senators for about the same amount of time. I guess that indicates that so much of politics is about show rather than content.

Sent by Lauren | 10:35 AM | 8-28-2008

If everyone in this country voted, making an informed choice based on their own interests and not based on the candidate's age, sex, or race, we would not need to have this debate - we would have a Democratic president every four years. However, people sitting out the democratic process because they let their emotions get in the way, or people voting Republican for a litany of reasons that have nothing to do with issues that will affect their own lives (does the gay marriage amendment ring a bell?) - those are the reasons we have had the mess of the last 8 years.

Sent by Leslie Kooi | 10:43 AM | 8-28-2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I can understand how a compassionate delegate can definitely get caught up in the moment. Ann Price - Mills has definitely expressed that she wanted Hillary to succed at all costs. It must have been very painful for her and her team because Obama literally came from nowhere to take the Democratic Party by storm.

It is human nature to grieve a loss, however we will lose a lot more if delegates like
Ann Price- Mills don't dust themselves off and catch the vision. Hillary would have made a fine Presidential candidate or VP, but we can not focus on what could have been.

I personally did not think Obama could have navigated his team through the mine fields to make it as the Democratic Presidential front --runner, and now Democratic Nominee. As he ran his race I gained and unbelievable amount respect and awe for him and this undertaking.

Anyone Black, White or Gay or Straight that leads a campaign like he has as a relative unknown and win, is very Intelligent, Powerful and has a keen sense of focus and vision. I decided Obama was my candidate during the race!

It is time for everyone to listen to Hillary's words. "Did you do it for me or the Democratic Party"?

Pain, Envy and Doubts should never let a Republican slip into the White House. The smoke has cleared and it is time to recapture our government.

Please do the right thing and elect Obama.


Sent by Lance | 12:22 PM | 8-28-2008

I think CNN would have looked like it was suppressing dissent if it tried to cut her off, so they had to let her speak her peace. But there was one line in what she said that has stuck in my head, something like "and now THEY want us to just switch over..." Who is THEY? They is not the DNC or the Barack campaign, THEY is the American people. It was THEY who dictated the choice of Barack over Hillary through the democratic process, through their primary and caucus votes. This is the only voice that matters in the end, make all the arguments you want about what should have gone down, it did not go down that way and who did it? The voting public did it. End of story. Out of a field of good candidates, only one can prevail. Do not act like children in November who want to pick up your marbles and go home because your personal choice did not make it to the finish line. This womans's delegate vote at the convention for Hillary? Doesn't matter. Unless you truly feel that Barack would be a bad president on his own merits, you have to vote for him when it matters in November. To do otherwise is a childish, spiteful act.

Sent by Andrea Odom | 12:42 PM | 8-28-2008

lol @ the supporters of HRC not understanding that she would not be where she is today if she was not the wife of the former President (so much for feminism and being independent, she rode Bill's coattails keep it real). Hillary is a great campaigner, speaker, fighter etc but the bottom line is she had every advantage and was the heavy favorite at the start of the primaries. HRC and her campaign mismanaged their way to second place. Barack did not have the benefit of being married to an ex Governor, or being the son of an Admiral, secound cousin of the vice president etc. He had no inside connections like HRC, McCain or W Bush. This man (and his campaign) outsmarted, outhustled and outworked his competition. The true definition of the American Dream, the underdog beating the big dogs.

Sent by fredmcgriffen | 12:42 PM | 8-28-2008

That was a little painful to watch. I would respectfully suggest that she get therapy to deal with this loss. Obama's social intelligence is off the chart and greatly compensates for any lack of experience he might not have (although I think he has enough). That she would actually say she might not vote kind of pisses me off. Clinton tried to win the nomination but lost. To all Clinton supporters - please vote the issues!

Sent by DCMNYC | 3:19 PM | 8-28-2008

I agree with everything she said. She described my feelings exactly. Is no one upset that we had such a sham of a roll call vote? Hillary should have been able to have all of her 1800+ delegates vote for her.

Sent by Nancy Gardner | 3:29 PM | 8-28-2008

Unbelievable that this person was a delegate.

Joe Byrd you are searching..searching. You weren't going to vote for Obama, ANYWAY, no way now how.

Glenda is EXACTLY right. What Ms Clinton did in the latter part of her campaign was shameless. About her for one: She was losing, then got desperate, couldn't discern her own voice from the voices all around her and SHE LOST HERSELF. 2nd sadly appealing to the lowest common denominator of the joe byrds gave her a boost.

Yes Lauren the 'experience button is strange. There was no there there from the beginning. It (experience) was floated, picked up by the media and then framed for her supporters. They latch on to experience & the gender being a hindrance card she played.

Her supporters can't admit that her campaign was a train wreck.

Biden & Edwards had more much for that, and she beat these more experienced men, so what was the gender hindrance? 'experience' & 'ready on day one',....actually she was never ready to grasp control of her own campaign.

None of that matters to delusional supporters with all these surrogate issues and displaced anger. The real why is: These 'working class, hard-working, blue collars, etc', are the same crew who made up the reagan-democrats...or really dixie-crats gone national.

They simply can't wrap their heads around the idea of Obama. So insert anything: elitist, gender, experience, his retired pastor, values, connect with us, like us. All BS.

Perfect example: Ohio cared more about Obama's former pastor all the way over in another state than they did Ms Clinton's role in sending jobs away.

This is just a continuum, as a young nation marching towards its ideals, this nation has been dragging them, kicking & screaming the entire way, since 1865...always on the wrong side of progress and always on the wrong side of history.

like Chris Rock said: 'and they need your help'

Sent by Jon J | 4:01 PM | 8-28-2008

This tells me that she and all the Clinton supporters who are going to vote for McCain were never true Democrats. They were Republicans all along, selfish and arrogant. Did they not hear Hillary's speech. "WHO ARE YOU IN IT FOR" It is too much at stake this election to have another Republican for another 4 years. I will say this to all the Clinton/McCain voters, you obviously have an excellent retirement portfolio, your home is paid off, and you are only working because it is a job you love. You are not like most Americans who are stuggling day to day to keep their heads above water. But if you vote for McCain, you will soon be like most Americans

Sent by Audey | 7:11 PM | 8-28-2008

Uterlly ridicules, this woman needs help...

Sent by DJ Black Adam | 10:27 PM | 8-28-2008

Hillary gave me chills
and then I had to listen to delegate
Anne Price-Mills nearly ruin Clinton's dynamic and speech (intended to unify).

It was one thing to hear her unwaivering support for Hillary,
but to hear her express a possible unwillingness to vote because HER candidate is no on the ticket,
reenforces why this election is BIGGER THAN one's emotional ties to a candidate. This is not a rock concert battle between the Beetles and the Who.

Democracy and due-process is in the balance.

Sent by Jenny P. | 11:40 PM | 8-29-2008