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Detroit's 'Hip Hop Mayor' Ordered to Jail

Kwame Kilpatrick
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Oops! Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been ordered to the county jail after a judge found he had violated his bond by traveling out of the country, to Canada, and not informing the proper legal channels. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-Mich., the mother of Kwame Kilpatrick, fought to save her political career Tuesday in a primary election overshadowed by her son's scandal.

In his defense, the mayor said he was sorry and that it won't happen again. The ruling by Judge Ronald Giles came after the apology, and he claimed that he would have given the same treatment to any other criminal that arrived at his court. Naturally, Kilpatrick's attorneys say they will immediately appeal the ruling.

We would love to hear from our Detroit-area audience. What is your reaction to this latest troubling news?

UPDATE: Detroit Mayor To Be Released, Faces New Charges



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Oh My!

Sent by Bill M | 11:56 AM | 8-7-2008

He just keeps shooting himself in the foot. So sad.

Sent by ernise | 1:04 PM | 8-7-2008

This will not deter future bad behavior.
He is a completely selfish human being, only harming the citizens of Detroit, at an extremely difficult economic time. Unfortunately, regardless of the extent of his wrongdoings, the unsophisticated residents will likely continue to re-elect him and I don't think he will ever step down. He only apologized because there was no way out this time.

Sent by Amanda | 1:35 PM | 8-7-2008

Well this is what Detroit asked for when they re-elected him!!!!So they are getting exactly what they deserve with a thug like him!!!!

Sent by lav | 1:44 PM | 8-7-2008

I don't think the citizens are "deserving" of such disregard of their interests. I truly wish there were a way to appoint some type of fiduciary to vote on their behalf. You have to realize that the citizens are not the most sophisticated and are at a very low social-economic group. Most that can get out of the city do. It's very sad.

Sent by Amanda | 1:59 PM | 8-7-2008

well that just adds insult to injury for old detroit. Our city been knocked down so many times by inept leardship. voters everywhere need to learn what makes a good leader or else will just elect another disappointment. Beware of those with the buddahs mouth and snakes heart!!!

Sent by steve | 2:39 PM | 8-7-2008

Wake up go sit your self down this is the beginning of things to happen.

Sent by tonya | 3:08 PM | 8-7-2008

This is just a trial run. He'll get to see the inside of prison soon. Apart from the 8 felony counts he is currently facing for perjury, embezzlement, etc., it looks like he is going to be charged tomorrow with assault on a police officer. Doesn't say much for Canadian border security that they let him into the country!

Sent by Champ | 3:41 PM | 8-7-2008

King Kong Kwame has no one to blame for this but himself. If he had just settled the lawsuit and gave both officers their full pension and a clean record none of his dirty laundry would ever have seen the light of day. Now all of the Kilpatrick family with the exception need to lawyer up.

His daddy Bernard Kilpateick is a figure in three different cases including a divorce case where opposing counsel is seeking to have the judge in each of the three cases force the proud streetwise big pimpin grandpapa to tell all and possibly incriminate himself in three separate cases.

His sister that jail bird loving chica who married a Bobby Ferguson cousin. The cousin is a convicted drug dealer. It was outside the sister's home where Kwame "gently" escorted a sheriff deputy off the property while he and his African America female partner were seeking to serve Bobby a warrant. They had every right to stop there and see if Bobby was there, particularly since his company truck was parked out front of their home.

His wife will not dare testify against king kong because he and his EPU cops are the only thing standing between her arrest for assualting the dead stripper she caught with him at the Manoogian party better referred to now as an urban myth.

The dead stripper's family is brething down Kwame's neck and the judge in that case has already served up the text messages being sought for Kwame, his police chief, the deputy mayor, the homicide cops assigned to investigate the case, his former chief of staff.

In short Kwame is cooked Should he refuse to resign his last day on the job will be September the thirds when the Governor of the GReat State of Michigan uses her legal authority to remove him restoring respectability to the Office of the Mayor of the City of Detroit.

Flip Wilson said it best in his pulpit scene in the move Uptown SAturday Night
"Loose lips sink ships" May i take this opportunity to amend that sentiment by including pillow talk, voice mail, e-mail, videotape, audiotape, and text messages.

Lesson Learned: Keep your mouth shut and your business to yourself.

Sent by Denise Beauregard | 3:53 PM | 8-7-2008

I'm completely befudled as to why this man will not resign! He's been caught red-handed on different impropieties numerous times...and now he's in jail...and he won't resign! Can someone tell me WHY?!

Sent by Awebb | 4:02 PM | 8-7-2008

I agree with the judge. The fact that he's treating the Mayor as a law-breaker is good. I'm sure that the Mayor was told exactly what he could and could not do, so this little trip to Canada should not be overlooked.

Sent by Randy Scott | 4:37 PM | 8-7-2008

this sounds terrible I feel sorry for detroit...and I thought we had problems here in cali...

Sent by loislane5950 | 6:15 PM | 8-7-2008

Well I am in the Chi, BUT I get to Detroit every now and then, all I can say is that it's hard to feel sorry for someone so stupid...

Sent by DJ Black Adam | 6:20 PM | 8-7-2008

Its about time he was treated like every other citizen,he gave the judge no choice,at last perhaps he will resign his office so the whole metropolitan area can move forward.

Sent by Lee Fitzpatrick | 6:27 PM | 8-7-2008

I am no fan of Kirkpatrick, but I resent the caracterization of him as being the hip hop mayor. Having said that, I'm happy that he is being held accountable. I listened to the program "Detroit Today" on WDET fm, the local NPR mixed programing station, and the vast majority of respondents were fed up with Kirkpatrick.

Sent by William E. Stevens | 7:47 PM | 8-7-2008

It's clear Kwami feels he is above the law, so it's no surprise to see him breaking it again.

What saddens all of us in the Great Lake State even more deeply is how Detroit continues to fall farther behind other cities.

Hopefully this latest fiasco will be impetus to rewrite the city charter (and tie city council members to specific geography and constituents) and perhaps even bring forth an honest, capable political leader.

Sent by TK | 8:22 PM | 8-7-2008

The reason he won't resign is twofold:

1.) He needs all of the money he can get to pay for his defense. He cannot afford to pay for transportation, utilities, food, rent, phone, etc. AND his legal expenses. As long as he is the mayor, his rent, his transportation, his utilities, his phone bill, his food is provided for him by the taxpayers. Thatway he can use any money he raises for the lawyers.

2.) By not resigning yet, he can use "stepping down" as a bargaining chip for a plea deal. Instead of doing time, he can plead guilty to a lesser charge and STEP DOWN. If he resigns before they get to that point, then he will not be able to use it in a plea deal.

Sent by ThaAfrican | 9:11 PM | 8-7-2008

Why do people insist that he was re-elected for the second term? I remember the challenger having a significant lead at 1:00 a.m. with approx 80% of the precints reporting, yet at 6:00 a.m. after the power "went out" that the numbers were flipped. People please research the election before stating that Detroiter's re-elected him into office.

Sent by ami | 9:30 PM | 8-7-2008

Does anyone know what party he belongs to??

Sent by ec | 11:24 PM | 8-7-2008

Denise, if all that is true...then his arrogance... knowing all of that and not settling & moving on!

4yrs ago on national tv, the nation got to meet & hear Kwame & Barack speak at the Demo convention, what a tale of two politicians! A complete waste of opportunity...not a big picture guy huh?

Throughout this I was thinking, just go do something else bruh, take your act to the private sector, and get your hands off public money. Next I see Kwame giving a speech rousing the crowd talking about doing God's work, fighting on and the crowd was cheering him on...even a police officer!

All this juxtaposed to Detriot's high school grad rate which is the lowest in the country. Time for Diop to break out that 'what about the Black community' sign and put it to good use!

Sent by Jon J | 12:09 AM | 8-8-2008

lawd lawd lawd how long can this opulently obese with ignorance that will not cease circus without a master to ring go on? even the clowns that should be aint funny no mo'... beyond pathetic way beyond...

Sent by itoldyouiwould | 3:49 AM | 8-12-2008

what does "hip-hop" have to do with Kilpatrick?

Sent by Amanda | 9:26 AM | 8-15-2008

Hey William....I realize that you resent Kilpatrick being referred to as the Hip Hop Mayor.....that's understandable.....but The big dummy Kwame King Kong dip stick coined this name for himself......this isn't a moniker that someone else gave him like the media. He called himself this at a rally he had. another ignorant black politician with absolutely no vales/morals......fantastic!!!! Can anyone expail to me how idiots like Marion Berry....Kwame Kilpatrick and Ray Nagin keep getting re-elected. Don't black folks ever learn...????

Sent by richard | 10:17 PM | 8-31-2008

It is very dishearting to see another man of color fall because of his own stupidity. I see it from to the following prospectives:
1. He was very arrogant from the start.
2. Hip Hop has no place in politics.
3. Never demonstrated signs of humility.
4.Media never really embraced/take him serious as a public offical
5. Black people need to get a handle on what is truly the meaning of Blackness or being Black in America.

Nevertheless, my heart goes out to his fameily and friends. I wish him God's speed. Maybe in jail he will find Jesus and be all that he can be for God.

Sent by Dr. Jones | 1:11 PM | 9-4-2008