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How Bazaar! Tyra Banks Becomes First Lady

Tyra Banks and fake Obama
Harper's Bazaar

Call it an homage to Michelle Obama, or call it what you will. Either way, there's no denying that Tyra Banks' new pictorial project for Harper's Bazaar is a tad weird. In a photo spread available on their website, Tyra and some dead-eyed male model try to invoke the Obama family spirit at work and play.

When it came to paying homage to Michelle Obama for this story, Banks found the process "surreal." "It's kind of embarrassing," she confesses, "but in my early 20s, I used to want to be a princess. But I didn't want to have to marry somebody in order to do it! Of course, I don't see the position of first lady as a princess, where it's something you have to marry into. With Barack Obama, his becoming president is them becoming president because Michelle was there from the beginning. Without Michelle, he wouldn't be there." Or, as she pronounces to her Tyra Banks Show camera after her Oval Office portrait, "Michelle Obama, you're one hot mama."

What do you think of the pictures? You can read her entire interview over at Harper's Bazaar.



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Tyra Banks' pictorial project for Harpaar"s Bazaar is Fun! Lighten-up!

Sent by Adrienne Kennedy | 1:55 PM | 8-6-2008 what point does adulation become exploitation? I understand Obama excites people and everything, but it just seems as if some people\publishers are using this phenom as commodity to be bought\sold\bartered. Obama is a serious presidential candidate, not a Pop Icon. Right?!?

Sent by Bill M | 2:00 PM | 8-6-2008

If race is not a deciding factor in this election, then why do the Obama's insist on being the black version of JFK? There is only one JFK and yes, he was white. Deal with it. If Obama wants to be the next president, he should make his own unique legacy that isn't based on his minority. Don't be a copy-cat. This kind of publicity is the main reason why I hesitate to vote for Obama.

Sent by Ivy Tan | 3:25 PM | 8-6-2008

I have an idea for a spread...why doesn't Tyra Banks play an attractive model instead of pretending to be the First Lady? That would be novel. It's good press for Obama...and he needs to be president...but, I think Tyra Banks is kind of useless and if I was Michelle Obama, I'd be embarrassed to have a reality tv icon/"supermodel" try to portray me. Something reeks of exploitation and attention-grubbing about this.

Sent by Ali Mahjouri | 3:52 PM | 8-6-2008

I have mixed emotions on Tyra's new spread. On one hand, I felt imitation is a sincere form of flattery. And on the other hand, I thought this is Tyra; who's not seen a publicity stunt she wouldn't jump on.

It's well known she's trying to be "Oprah Jr." And since the great O has publicly endorsed and stumped for Obama, why not use her modeling edge to show her support for the Presidential candidate.

Also, I felt the photo shoot was a bit presumptious. It would have been great after the election and Obama is the President of the United States.

Sent by Moji | 4:21 PM | 8-6-2008

Is this like really important? Personally I think we all have a little secret desire to dress up as someone else, isn't that the ultimate compliment. When pressed even J.E.Hoover would have to agree...

Sent by geeman | 5:27 PM | 8-6-2008

Ivy Tan,

When did Obama proclaim he was the next JFK? This has all been the effort of the white media to protray him as such, including Harper's Bazaar, which has nothing to do with the Obama campain!
Wake Up !!

Sent by Robert H. | 10:15 PM | 8-6-2008

The influence of Barack and Michelle will be felt for generations! I cannot tell how much energy and hope that his presidency has generated already. What a revival of the American dream!!! Now i believe that America can possibly be a moral leader for the world after the train wreck of the Bush administration. Keep on inspiring us all Michelle. A smart, powerful woman who is also a beauty!

Sent by Leo | 12:20 AM | 8-7-2008

that's what they are... they all wanna be some kinda of bizarre... cha-ching!

i wonder aloud if the kids have become so marred as to lack sufficient self-esteem as to constantly play the game of make-up to be what you are destine not 2 be...fore that is really a question?mark

a systemic cycle spiraling downward fueled on attitude without aptitude giving validation 2 this platitude that would rather not be oozing in gratitude and instead be attaining and maintaining a significant altitude destined 2 give rise to fresher air instead of the ineptitude miasma of putrefaction that emanates from those whose sole capacity is to imitate having no wherewith all to create.

always wearing the mask of something or someone else deemed popular not but never sure who is really inside. never quite honest enough with self nor comfortable at taking it out for that kinda ride... easier to play a leech and piggyback on riding the imagery wave instead of looking in the mirror and questioning if you are really free in your home of da brave...

so i wonder aloud what are the eye pods sitting on top of human shoulders suppose to do now that they have been declared brain dead and numb.. since the new situation is 2 flip da script and xerox da image one wishes to imitate for the day.. ingest your praises with your accolades but always keep yo real self on lock down and never let it see the light of the day...

instead of playing makeup and over, i wonder how many of you ever stop to imitate the real obamas and michelle you see on the streets every day. you know the homeless princesses, dukes, earls, and street royalty who ask you for change instead of the ones who speak about it...

that's what they are
they are all to strangely the same
2 be elevated 2 the royalty
of bizarre....

obama is no better and neither michelle
that's true
they are all the same, just like u
u love them, to hate them, dont really know them and then...
you cant even comprehend which direction
they might want u 2 spin..

how you gonna turn the corner and in which direction....better ask the street royalty everyday people...hey hey yeah...

Sent by K MJUMBE | 2:31 AM | 8-7-2008

wtf?!!!!!!!!!!! The dude in the photo looks like a piece at the Hollywood Wax Museum! He looks stiffer than Old John McCain.

Sent by bobo | 12:46 PM | 8-7-2008


That was pretty good!

Sent by Bill M | 12:58 PM | 8-7-2008

saw what u will. but the pictures are cute. loved the one of them in bed in harvard sweatshirts. hmm but as i looked at the pictures with the children I thought to myself, oh lawd why did Tyra put some beautiful darker skin children there, both kids, not one. both the parents are caramel, oh gosh, trying to make a statement, (sigh) well maybe only me noticed, and even though there's PR etc it wasn't intentional or some propaganda lol

Sent by Not Today | 6:40 PM | 8-7-2008

I Think That This Show,although totally Unreal, will be FUNNY And maybe Inspire A Few Other Cultures,By This I mean, It Will Give Them Something To Think About While Being Entertained. I Love Tara banks,She Is Very Good At Acting, As For being The First Lady"? Well She's Always Been Looked At Like That On TV If Not The Firts" For Sure I Of The Finest.

Sent by ksjfradio | 7:45 PM | 8-7-2008

Yukky and weird. This stunt feeds publicity for Ms. Banks and the magazine while fueling the RNC's position that Mr. Obama and his wife are being presumptuous and arrogant about his popularity. The spread would have been more appropriate AFTER the election. Thanks Harper's Bizarre for making Paris Hilton look smart and savvy.

Sent by Monica M | 1:44 PM | 8-8-2008

Not interested...

Sent by Wanda | 3:16 PM | 8-8-2008

These images are like America, beautiful, flattering, wierd exploitive and just a tad bizarre. Tyra is the everywoman celeb, sometimes a person's enthuiasm just comes across crazy. And HB, well, they're just in the business of selling mags and if the Obamas are the hot item of the day then guess what?

Ivy Tan, therapy is not a bad thing. I think you've got it twisted, the media and JFK's family are the ones making the comparison. I've read/watched more than most Obama coverage and I have yet to hear him invoke the Camelot imagery. Now, if we as a nation are so beat down by the current admin that we see a Camelot-like freshness in the Obamas then why not let people a reprieve from the Bush monarchy? It seems YOU may be obsessed with the race thing. Besides, anyone who has studied the Kennedy administration including the Cuban missile crisis, knows you wouldn't want to make more than superficial comparisons to those troublesome times.

Sent by Knowledgeispower | 7:02 PM | 8-8-2008

I don't know why this is so bazaar, other people have portrayed presidents and their wives, wannabe presidents and their spouses too. What is the big deal?

Sent by Me | 9:03 AM | 8-9-2008

Ivy tran...u shouldn't vote at all if ur reaching out to the media to tell you HOW& WHO to vote for READ A BOOK our country is in the worst shape it has been since 1930 under the same administration u have the audacity to admit u'll vote for again based on a picture SOMEONE ELSE shot...PEOPLE ITS NO LONGER BLACK or WHITE its
RICH or POOR...So me a 35yr old white woman will put my prejudice aside in November and give my vote to whoever is best equipped to run the country....

Sent by Emily | 10:25 AM | 8-10-2008

In all honesty, if Obama is elected, it will be refreshing to have some of the traditional family charm back in the White House. The Obama family comes across as relatively normal and he and his wife appear to actually have a real marriage. These photos remind me of how different yet the same America is. I'm tired of the scandals associated with our leadership and tired of the same old nonsense arrogance of stuffy "good old club boys" who toss their wives around like rugs and ignore the damage that they do to their families. Men like Bill Clinton, Jessie Jackson, all of the past three governors of NY including the current one, and now John Edwards all want power but obviously lack discipline in their personal lives to use sound judgment. Thus far, Obama appears to be serious about making an impact on the nation and internationally. His wife seems to be in support of that, a good mother, and their kids seem well mannered and cultured. Obama is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard law. His wife a Princeton and Harvard grad. They could be somewhere making a LOADS of money--without all of the headache-- living a charmed life. Instead, they want to use their education, passion and training in an ambitious attempt to improve the country. For that alone they have my respect! Now, if only the rest of us would do something to improve our community...America could return to greatness!

Sent by veronica giovanni | 11:44 AM | 8-10-2008