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Lawsuit Exposes Rift Between Gays, Blacks in DNC

The Democratic National Committee's former gay and lesbian outreach director, Donald Hitchcock, has filed a lawsuit against the organization, and it's reverberating in political circles.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, "Hitchcock was fired by the DNC in May 2006 after his domestic partner sent an open letter to gay Democrats criticizing Dean and suggesting that gays should temporarily withhold donations to the Democratic Party."

Interestingly, the lawsuit has exposed a rift between blacks and gays within the party, as described by DNC Chairman Howard Dean in his videotaped deposition ... care of YouTube:

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so, what is the case here.........what does this really mean. it appears that dean was working towards a compromise.where are the gays going to the republican party? this is a waste of time....we need to be working towards unity...and other more important issues. this appears to be an issue of personalities. give us a break!

Sent by thomas | 3:03 PM | 8-6-2008

So called gays are not a minority group the same as blacks or hispanics Americans. According to the word of God, they are sinners, the same as anyone who is guilty of sin. We all are sinners, some who admit there sins and ask for forgiveness, or those that continue to flaunt their sin before God.
Everyone in this country should be treated equally, but not on the bases of a wrong behavior that they can repent of. Please read the book of Romans chapter 1:24-32 verses in the Holy Bible. Once you read this you will see what God says about Homosexuals. To the point it is a sin
just like any other sin.

Sent by Don | 6:16 PM | 8-6-2008

Why must society keep trying to put gays and Blacks in the same catagory.
The homosexual life style is a choice, the color of ones skin is not a choice.
In most societies the homosexual life style is and was an abomination. Truth be known most people are uncomfortable seeing 2 men or 2 women being intimate.
Yes my Judeo-Christian beliefs say this is a sin. I do not despise the people who partake in this choice of lifestyle, yet I despise the sin and I do teach and speak against this choice to sin against nature (G_d). Two people of the same sex can not bring forth life but can only birth a lie of what a family (marriage) is. This lie has tried to force our society to accept this unhealthy lifestyle morally, physically and most of all Spiritually.
Ungodly and unrepented ministers inclusive of laymans have lied on the true and living G_d to justify and perpetuate this lie that this life style is alright in G_d's Holy writ.
True Believers in Christ Jesus have been called bigots for our stance against this abomination called homosexuality. To long has the church has taken on a "politcally correct attitude and a morally corrupt attitude"
My bible tells me and all believers not to learn the way of the heathen....
I despise the way the homosexual movement has pushed after our young childrens minds through our education system and media. I reinterrate the homosexual lifestyle is a choice and we must live with the good and bad of our choices. I pray our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will deliver those in a bad choice of lifestyle.

Sent by ceeham57 | 7:08 PM | 8-6-2008

Well, there you have it, the superstitious, primitive 7th century minds have spoken.

When reading the bible...don't be it all, don't cherry pick. I'm sure you'll find something about Black being cursed, etc.

Sent by Jon J | 12:32 AM | 8-7-2008

I am so tired of these Christian 'haters'. Homosexuality is NOT a choice! Why would anyone go through. There is more hatred and war in the name of God than anything else. If you really believe you are Christians doesn't the Bible say to love everyone? To treat everyone as you would like to be treated? You religious (not just Christians)people. make me sick. You pick and choose what you think will fit your hate filled messages. I feel so sorry for the lot of you. Oh,and by the way,I'm NOT gay but I feel we should love ALL of our fellow man.

Sent by just me | 12:36 AM | 8-7-2008

well- just me, jon and don.. i, as a queer african man, am so tired of the haters that hate produced. homosexuality like heterosexuality or any type or permutation on the situation of human sexuality, is genetic one is born with it simple as that [ask the those priest and bishops Pope Benedict has to keep apologising for if you dont believe me?]. it has nothing to do with the bible, the koran, the torah or any of the buddhist texts period!

the problematic between [white] gays and blacks within the DNC minics the systemic problem between white gays, and those who follow the white gay paradigm and blacks in general and it is simply systemic societal racism.

despite there rainbow shop talk and their human right campaign chit-chat, white gays have failed abyssally at addressing and eliminating racism within the communities of queerdom. just like the society as a whole they have brushed dealing with racism aside within their community but have piggybacked nonstop on the civil rights struggles of blacks as a jumping off point for their own rights struggle. This has put them at odds with blacks and the destiny and heritage of the civil rights movement. the odd thing is that if it was not for the latin and black trannies and drag queens who sparked off the gays rights movement at stonewall, white gays would probably not have their "rainbow" movement that discriminates along colour and class lines. And if you dont believe me..then believe the statistics. Look up how many predominately white gay males in the West are living with HIV with adequately good health due to having reaped the benefits of disability insurance policies or long term disability care plans payouts in addition to social society payments and then compare it against those in the inner cities who are HIV positive people of colour who dont have the benefit of those policies and are struggling to get their subsizded medications or foregoing them in some cases.

if white gays want to end the friction with blacks [that includes some queer blacks too] within the DNC and society then they are going to have to do Martin's work by working real hard to end the systemic classism and racism elements within their own white gay communities and be humbly respectful of black civil rights history, paradigms and perspectives and not attempt to 'whitewash' them with their own. That is the core of the problematic as i see it.

i dont recall [white] gays having water cannons, attack dogs or KKK confrontations nor lynchings and church bombings being waged on them in their attempts to excise the franchise and vote. True, Baynard Rustin and my boy Jimmy Baldwin was all over and about the movement [some black and latin lesbians too] Also, too Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner were founded murder in the Mississippi mud for their civil rights work but of the two whites of that group we know nothing of there sexuality but that is another story...

Sent by itoldyaiwould | 3:47 AM | 8-7-2008

Maybe if you reread ceeham57 comments you would realize that he didn't say he hate the people but he said ... "I do not despise the people who partake in this choice of lifestyle, yet I despise the sin and I do teach and speak against this choice to sin against nature(G_d.)"

My belief is that God made you male and female at the time of your birth God is not imperfect in any religon that believes in God, Allah, or whomever. So you were created prefectly and that sex you were born into is not a mistake. If you Choose to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or even get a sex change you are still that male who is walking around as a giant female immatation now or that female who is now shooting blanks. Unless you have a baby before the change or do like that recent woman in the news that had the sex change where is the creation of children!

To be black or African or African American is not a choice but a blessing of God. To choose to go against the creation that God made you into is a choice!

Sent by BlessedByGodsGrace | 9:49 AM | 8-7-2008


I agree with what you wrote. My comment was directed at the response from the 'Christian' haters. Not being gay, knowing that those with a better more RATIONAL perspective (someone who wouldn't proselytize) would emerge I left it at that.

Sent by Jon J | 12:01 PM | 8-7-2008

It is really sad how non believers and believers alike do not want to accept the whole bible as it is written. The bible does not curse the black people as as whole, yet it clearly speaks against the sin of homosexuallity and other sins also. This does not make me nor any believer a bigot, we are to love and reach the lost/unrepented person with the hope in Christ Jesus. The world has all to often tried to make the bible fit man in his iniquity, yet we are to fit the bible as it is written. I am not perfect in this walk, but I do acknowledge a truth (G_d's Word) and not a delusion(s) of men.
Be not decieved G_d is not mocked....

Sent by Ceeham57 | 9:47 PM | 8-7-2008

The bible means nothing, and there is no reason the rest of society should follow your old book. To use it to perpetuate bigotry is WRONG, period.

Sent by chris | 6:04 PM | 8-8-2008

Chris, what do you believe? Is it natural for a man to know a man as he would a woman or a woman to know a woman as she would a man? Our bodies were man for a man and a woman to fit perfect one with the other. The bible as you put it an old book yes with a bounty of knowledge of truth and wisdom. Yet many choose not to accept so there is no understanding, because like many others society has blinded you to call G_d a bigot because he has given you and all of us his written word. I pray that my Lord and Savior Jesus will open your eyes to his love and his word. As I stated before we must live with our choices...also with the recompense of those choices.

Sent by ceeham57 | 8:56 PM | 8-8-2008

Wow are you condescending.

Sent by chris | 10:01 PM | 8-8-2008

well Jon J.. i dont wish for folks to always agree with my spin on things since they are my experienced observations. i was attempting to get the dialogue back into the ballpark of what i perceived the original posting to be about. Some of us queer folk of colour who were around prior to the "rainbow" years also have a history of discrimination/discriminating practices from within our primary heritage communities as well as the eurocentric, malecentric gay white communities. So, by nature, we turn out to be either real hardcore scrappers or quite the avoiding confrontation types.. Obviously, i put myself in the former category. As Ms. Tracy Chapman once sung [or maybe still does] "i was born to fight..."

i figure the so-called God fearing Christian folks here getting off subject with they anti-gay rant are just closet case queers themselves [olde adage - takes one to know one]. Most of these folks are 99.9 times out of 100 monolingual, relay on someone else's interpretation of their book the Bible and have never been so dedicated to their spiritual practice as to read it in its original text in its original language which guess what is not anglo-saxon english for sure enough. they would rather keep spinning someone else interpret as the word and basically do not know what the book really says and in terms of what context and at what times. it is as baseless as mr. s. lee doing a three hour movie about el hajj el malik shabazz [malcolm x as some folks still wish to relegate him to a fix time and title] and attempting to cover all of that african man's thinking concepts and growth with his many trips abroad and in what direction he was going before being assassinated at the behest of government sponosor agents. In order to do right by this african human rights icon, one would have to conceive of a paradigm busting forty-eight hours projection to really scratch the surface. i digress.. But you now have a bit of insight and history into the [white] gay versus blacks quagmire and it basically can be applied to other forums other than the DNC..

ps. to all you christian god advertisers...recall that your god is not perfect. and that all his queer children [just like you] are the products of an amalgation of a man and a woman. and that some of us queer children are naturally queer and others are the product of straight, god fearing mothers abusing their sons with the hate for their fathers now gone and of straight fathers or cousins or uncles molesting their daughters or nieces in their god fearing sickness of every girl child being "daddy's little girl". Of course, these same men also molest boys too as with some women molesting girls. Instead of focusing on us ones who have cross over your river of Jordan and blown up the bridge behind us maybe you should consider spending your time more wisely attempting to set your house in order for the benefit of your future progency. Because if you think some of us are going to change to be accepted by you and your imperfect God are singing low from the wrong hymm book and i thought it said one of his main tenets was that s/he was the ultimate judge and jury so why are you thinking that is your job too? outside of yourself i mean?

Sent by itoldyouiwould | 2:07 AM | 8-11-2008

ceeham57 is a true believe so add arrogant to condescending. It's typical of them to arrogantly assume & think that they have some knowledge that others just do not get, or understand.

Like all true believers ceeham57 doesn't know the difference between FAITH and FACT. That's why they can't keep thy God to thy self.

Sent by Jon J | 10:41 PM | 8-11-2008