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McCain Picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin As VP

Sarah Palin

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin photographed at the National Press Club on February 26, 2008 in Washington, D.C. Win McNamee, Getty Images hide caption

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From NPR's Deborah Tedford: "Republican Sen. John McCain has selected Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate, a move that brings youth and a staunch abortion opponent to the GOP ticket.

McCain's campaign made the announcement Friday morning in advance of a noon rally in Dayton, Ohio, where the two appeared together.

The campaign's statement touted Palin as a maverick who has challenged the influence of Big Oil and used her veto power to cut budgetary spending." Read the rest, and share your thoughts. We'll offer analysis of McCain's VP pick on today's show.

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As a women I am frankly insulted. To believe that I would vote for a women just because she is.. over the the enormous issues America has to face. I do not know much of this women but It also says alot about the ambitions of Senator McCain.

Sent by Tamara | 2:25 PM | 8-29-2008

What irony that the big-money, white-bread, good old boy Republican party would be forced to bite their tongues and pick a woman for VP grasping for the illusion of Reform (CHANGE) while continuing the big-oil, corporate policies of George Bush.
While americans love seeing a woman finally get a break, it is the desperate choice of a desperate party being forced to over-ride sexism. While many americans will applaud this long-overdue change, Palin doesn't do a thing to alter the Bush-voting history of John McCain.

Sent by Jimmy Childs | 3:19 PM | 8-29-2008

Does McCain and the Republican Party acutally think that the selection of this woman will catapult them to a victory in November? What an insult to the intelligence of Americans and an even larger insult to women in general. Sarah Palin is NO Hillary Clinton and to think that she would use Hillary's words of the 18 million cracks in the ceiling in connection with her VP nomination and that they can continue to shatter the glass that Hillary has worked so hard for is deplorable. She is being used to try and advance a party that realized this week they they are going to lose in November. Nothing has really changed in my mind except to reinforce that Republicans still play the same old games.(Whatever it takes to get elected) Fortunately America is smart enough in this election to see that true change and "reform" is only going to come from Obama and Biden.

Sent by PPK - Obama - Biden Supporter | 3:33 PM | 8-29-2008

Very surprising! I'm not a McCain supporter but I admire his guts in choosing this woman. I'm excited by the fact that either we will have our 1st Woman VP or 1st Black President. Regardless of the outcome of the election, the past 2 days have been living proof of how far we've come as a nation. I'm really proud of my country right now.

Sent by Bill M | 3:46 PM | 8-29-2008

"proud of my country" - how can you be proud of a calculated political pick designed simply out of desperation to appeal to hillary supporters ? McCain has only met her twice !! geesh !

Sent by joe | 7:17 PM | 8-29-2008

Huh? What was he thinking? Is this supposed to be a shining example of McCain's judgment? I mean, what about Kay Bailey Hutchinson? Or even the eBay woman? I'm insulted as a woman and an informed voter. To think that women will naturally equate Hillary Clinton with Palin is ludicrous. And the PUMAs who actually go for this are truly shooting themselves in the foot (can you see Supreme Court?). This shows that McCain did not pick his VP nominee with the country's future in mind; he is only concerned about himself. And I have to say this, because no one else has brought this up: even though it's wonderful that Palin has five children, and is able to manage being governor, how in the world will she be able to fully commit to the task of straightening out the mess of our economy, represent our country in foreign affairs, with a fourth month-old special needs child? I'm sorry, but the more I think about it, the more disturbed and uneasy I get about her judgment. If I were in her position, I would have told him thank you, but not at this time. When Republicans have time to ponder this choice, I believe they will not be comfortable with McCain's decision-making abilities, either. Frankly, I think they're still in shock. There were plenty of other Republican women trailblazers out there, but McCain did not even consider them. He needed someone with a strong economic policy backgroud. All I see is that he has flip-flopped on the experience and readiness issue in order to win the White House. I firmly believe that Palin was not his choice until AFTER Obama's speech. McCain has less than 67 days to prove that Palin is fit to be VP. Ironically, she's become the unknown candidate with questionable credentials--not Obama. Pitiful.

Sent by Cecily | 7:25 PM | 8-29-2008

Frankly.....I think that 3 out of the 4 posters here can't see past their own bias. First of all let me say I AM AN INDEPENDENT. To those of you that are insulted that he chose a women.... were you insulted that Obama was black?
To those of you who are afraid of the experience she has.......What experience does Obama have? SHE IS A GOVENOR WITH An 86% Approval rating that is highly respected by other Govenors nation wide. Obama has never run anything and wants to be president. It will be interesting to see how she handles herself once the media onslaught begins. And to those who think that picking your VP is a strategic move ..........WELL ...DAAAAA of course it is. Why do you think Biden was offset Baracks inexperience in National matters. Thats no secret. Biden will have some on the job training to do for Obama if he is elected PRESIDENT......and.... Mccain will have some on the job training to do with his VP. Personally, I would rather have the latter choice. I think if the media plays it straight we will have an interesting run to the Whitehouse.

Sent by clintonfan | 7:26 PM | 8-29-2008

an interesting strategy by a political strategy shop that is one of the best in the business. if they could get Bush Jr. elected, you know they must be good.

so its not as simple as it may seem. think of all of the "critiques" written here, or that come to mind about this selection. tokenism, thinking women will just vote for a woman, inexperience, age.

now substitute critiques of Barack. instant circular arguments that will drive everybody crazy for two months.

and on top of that, energizes the evangelical vote, no, not a simple choice.

Sent by rhesa j | 8:16 PM | 8-29-2008

I can hardly wait for the VP debates: Biden will eat her alive. McCain has essentially ripped up he "inexperience" card he and the rest of the "theocons" loved to play to this point.

Sent by Xenon | 1:21 AM | 8-30-2008

Response to clintonfan:

I assume you are a Hillary supporter. I too am a supporter of Hillary and voted for her in the primary. Not because she was a woman but because of what I believe she could do for this nation. Barack and Hillary basically share the same policies on the issues this nation is facing. So I am voting for Barack in the general election.

Because Barack just happens to be an African American and Hillary just happens to be a woman was the start of making political history. The McCain campaign is now trying to jump on the bandwagon of political history making which is not what this election should be about. Unfortunately, now it is becoming just that. I will say it again: Palin is NO Hillary. Not a bias just the facts.

I am curious, if you supported Hillary for reasons other than her gender, what ideology and policies does Palin share with Hillary? What ideology and policies does McCain share.

The major difference in the on the job training issue is that Barack will actually seek, welcome and carefully consider the advice of Biden and others (Democrat and Republican, we certainly can use a large dose of bi-partisanship in our government) to help lead this country and address the serious issues it is facing. I somehow cannot not see McCain seeking or accepting the advice of his female VP. Just look at his response when a supporter used bi*** as a noun to describe Hillary. He laughed. His belief of what the role of the Vice President should be; "To inquire about the health of the President", whether said tounge in cheek or not, does not give me any reassurance of how McCain will lead this country and deal with the issues. We certainly do not need a nurse maid as our VP.

The issues that will face the next president are enourmous and I believe Barack has the intelligence, wisdom, experience and sincere desire to lead this country down a far better path than McCain could ever dream of.

I agree, it will be an interesting run to the Whitehouse but the reality is not the run to Whitehouse but happens after. Barack is my choice for the what happens afterward.

Sent by PPK - Obama - Biden Supporter | 11:34 AM | 8-30-2008

Really it's beyond desperate, this only validates McCain's membership in the good ol boy/girl club. To 'clintonfan' you are an embarrassment to Hillary Clinton's hard fought ideals. And to say Palin has more experience than Obama, that's just plain laughable. When's the last time she got down and dirty working in blighted neighborhoods trying to bring back jobs and dignity to struggling single moms and unemployed steel workers?? NEVER, she's been too busy shooting her moose, riding snowmoblies, keeping a lid on back door politics, and yes being a hockey mom. Hell, are you kidding? Alaska IS a small town and if those are the qualifications then most if not all of the folks in Alaska can do her job without breaking a sweat. As for Obama he's been on target with regards to both international and national issues long before Biden entered the picture. Biden only adds to Obama's resolve to get the job done and rescue Washington from the lunatics in charge, the same people hard at work dismantling yours and mine constitutional rights. If what you desire is four more years of rear view mirror politics then go for it.

Sent by george | 2:22 PM | 8-30-2008

Does he really think Clinton supporters will jump ship for a woman who does not support a woman's right to choose.
Sure she is accomplished but, she is to far on the right to capture those Clinton supporters. Was this a decision for the country or some stupid campaign stategy for securing votes.
Palin does not erase the fact that McCain supported Bush 90% of the time.
He voted against women's rights and was to end the rights of women to choose.
Sure Palin decided to have her special need shild that was her choice. Let all women make that choice. Don't be fooled because he chose a woman. Just look at the record.
Let the 18 million cracks remain until we have another woman like Clinton.

Sent by Pat | 3:50 PM | 8-30-2008

So what made Hillary Clinton a great choice? What did she do before she carpet bagged to New York and got anointed by the NY democrats. How about all those millions they pocketed? You Elitists will always knock the common man/woman and always deride those who do not agree with your your political persuasion.

Sent by vic | 10:28 PM | 8-30-2008

Palin's pro-life stance makes her a true woman. Down with Roe vs. Wade and up with the 5th Amendment.

Sent by New York's Right | 10:50 AM | 8-31-2008

New Yorks Right:

Pardon me, but what the hell does the 5th amendment have to do with pro-life? From what I recall, with the exception in a time of war, the 5th gurrantees all citizens due process and just compensation. If you want to take it beyond that then your imagination is obviously working overtime. Our founding fathers would not have a clue as to what you are talking about. Once again "deprived of life" is taken out of context to suit narrow ideologies and the absurd idea that women are not capable of making their own choices without the wisdom of men. Palin may be a true woman in your eyes, but does this mean in order to qualify everyone must be cast in her mold? And while you're at it you might as well include knowing how to drive a snowmoblie and shoot a gun...that will give us one heck of well rounded woman!

Do you also have an insiders view for interpreting the bible that we should be made aware of?

Alas, lonely it is to live amongst so many fools...

Sent by george | 7:31 PM | 8-31-2008

As an independent I will be proud to cast my vote for Obama! McCain picked a right wing hypocrite, like most of them are. I thought Christians believed in no sex before marriage? Yet Palin is proud of her daughter for keeping her baby. Let us pray that Obama makes it!

Sent by Barbara | 3:04 PM | 9-1-2008

This pick is simply ridiculous. HE IS 72 YEARS OLD!! Of all VPs this would be the most likely to actually fill in the spot as president, and can you imagine that? Really could you imagine this no name, no experience, tv anchor mom as our President? I would move plain and simple. WHO THE HECK IS THIS WOMAN ANYWAY???

Sent by Dave R | 4:12 PM | 9-1-2008

Yeah! And lets try getting up off our asses this time and try voting. We've already done apathy.

And while we're at it this is a good a time as any to show Larry Flynt a debt of gratitude for being a defender of constitutional rights long before it was popular. He sounded the warning of an invasion by morons...and how right he was.

Sent by george | 4:12 PM | 9-1-2008

I know more about Sarah Palin than I do Obama. Like everyone else, I had not heard of her before she was picked as McCain's VP. I called my brother-in-law who lives in Alaska and asked him what he thought about Gov. Sarah Palin.
Turns out he knows the family personally. He spoke highly of her as a person and as a governor. As an experienced leader she has impressed many in Alaska.
I personally do not know why any person would run for office. No matter who you are or what you do, someone is upset and jumping down your throat. I need to learn more about her ideas on solving our countries problems but she was presented to me by my brother-in-law as someone who is for the people. Now having some one fighting for the good of the people sounds wonderful to me, a member of the white, independent, middle class, woman, soon to be 60.

Sent by Kathy | 4:20 PM | 9-1-2008

Had to laugh at todays headline. Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. I bet the GOP did not know that before last weeks announcement. I am an AVID Hillary fan but I will vote for Obama because he is for the middle class, you know the ones that this country was built on. The group that I am so despiratly trying to stay a part of? McCain will continue Bush & Co policies and look where that has got us. Palin was a despirate choice by the GOP. They must really think we are stupid and that we are going to vote for him just because a women is on the ticket. NOT. Well at 72 you better think long and hard, it is not too likely McCain will be around to finish his term and then Palin and Pelosi will be in charge. Now that would be funny. Go Nancy.

Sent by Lisa | 4:26 PM | 9-1-2008

McCain had to apologize for making a tasteless joke that began with the line, "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?" Now he picks a VERY attractive former beauty queen for VP. Her political resume is paper thin. Hmmmmm.... I think this says a lot about McCain's thinking.

I personally think Chelsea is very pretty. The point is that McCain doesn't think much of Chelsea's looks because she isn't batting her eyes at men, teasing her hair and caking her face with makeup.

I'm still pro-choice, pro-sex education, anti-war, pro-social safety net, etc. etc. Nominating a female who stands for the opposite of everything I believe AND bats her eyes isn't going to get my vote.

And, oh yes, I am a Hilary supporter. I am proud that she took it to the bitter end. The Democratic party is stronger for it. Go Barack!

Sent by fmd | 5:49 PM | 9-1-2008

Barack is a Senator, sense when a Governor more important then a Senator is. She only has 1 year as a Governor, she only has 50 employees under her, the budget is only a couple of million dollars, our unit in our department handles more then that. Barack has experience, what a hypocrite; I thought she was supposed to be so conservative. Preaching to others about abstinence, and now she is so glad her daughter is keeping the baby, of course that is her choice. Let all women make the choice that is right for them. Sex education should be taught in the schools. McCain one woman don't fit all!

Sent by Jaycee | 12:43 PM | 9-2-2008

Governor Palin has had much more executive experience than Senator Obama. During her tenure as Governor, she has vetoed hundreds of bills. Obama has spent literally the last 16 months of his only term in the United States Senate running for President.

Obama voted PRESENT on a large number of bills to come before the Illinois State Senate. Governor Palin has had the courage to speak up for what she thinks is right. Obama gladly refers to his part in the effort to pass an Ethics Reform Bill. What Obama fails to tell you is that when the rubber met the road, Obama switched and voted along party lines to kill the Ethics Reform Bill. WHAT COURAGE INDEED SENATOR! And how hypocritical of you to now try and take credit for your actions. And what an act of dishonesty to try and hoist this farce upon the American People!

And what about your previous claims to be "A Different Kind Of Politician"? What about your claim that you are willing to debate all of the issues? If that is the truth, then why won't you let the American public see the extent to which you ad Bill Ayers were connected during the time you both served on a board together? You so conveniently let your political hack Mayor Daley refuse to let the public examine those very records. Are they currently being redacted, modified, amended, edited, or disposed of in some manner? What are you hiding Senator? If as you claim, there was no connection, then why don't you simply call for the records to be produced and clear the air? If there was no connection, as you claim, then what would it hurt for the public to be able to examine the records? What are you trying to hide Senator Obama?

Governor Palin has had much more experience as Commander in Chief than has Senator Obama. Governor Palin was Commander in Chief of The Alaska National Guard, some of whom are currently serving in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Obama's political and social association with Bill Ayers is perhaps Obama's closest association to fighting and bombing that Obama has had in his brief career.

Governor Palin has clearly demonstrated her political courage and her intention to act on behalf of the citizens. Obama is so lacking when it comes to political courage that he couldn't even denounce his RACIST, HATE SPEWING PASTOR, saying "I could no more disavow him (Wright) than I could disavow my own grandmother". Obama later DID disavow The RACIST PASTOR Wright, but ONLY AFTER Wright had made disparaging, insulting, and humiliating remarks regarding Obama himself during an interview at The Washington Press Club.

John Kennedy's book "Profiles In Courage" was clearly written to demonstrate the exact opposite of Obama's level of political courage. Not only would Obama not even receive a footnote mention, JFK might even use the Obama / Wright scandal to clearly demonstrate exactly what a Lack of Moral and Political Courage means.

Clearly the #2 on The Republican ticket has more experience than the #1 on the Democratic ticket. And what about Joe Biden's 2 brain surgeries? Seems like old Joe ain't in the best of health himself, meaning that Nancy Pelosi might be only a heartbeat away from the office of President. Wouldn't that be nice?

Governor Palin is the only candidate on either ticket to support what millions of Americans from both parties support, than being drilling in ANWAR. She is perhaps most qualified to speak to that subject since it is in her back yard. Alaskans are by their very nature conservationsists and Governor Palin is no exception. Governor Palin has a record of fighting the Big Oil Companies over what is right and what is in the public's interest. Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Old Joe Biden all want to keep our American oil away from us and force the American economy to continue to pump billions into the economy of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Venesuela. Opening up ANAWR would mean lots of jobs in the lower 48 states building the necessary support equipment and exploration equipment necessary to get at that oil. I guess Senator Obama doesn't really care about jobs that much then? Lets just ship the exploration jobs overseas to the Saudis then right Senator?

Obama was successful in defeating Hillary by allowing sexist remarks to emerge. THen the Obama camp played the Rac card against Bill and Hillary Clinton. Obama has done much to try and put women in their place. Governor Palin may just prove to be Obama's undoing. Careful with those sexist remarks Senator Obama. We have all seen how your campaign staff spews forth the sexist remarks while you allow yourself to seem above the fray. But women everywhere are beginning to see the pattern emerge here, and I doubt they will take it any more. You chose someone who received less than 2,000 votes over a qualified woman who had received over 18, million votes. You did that because you are a self centered sexist who can't stand to have a woman speak the truth about you. Some Hillary supporters now realize exactly what you did Senator and they won't be fooled so easily the next time around.

Sent by GeraldD | 4:07 PM | 9-2-2008

Will Hillary voters opt for Sarah Palin? Here's my answer: NO! There is nothing Palin could offer them that could make up for the loss of Hillary. She's an accidental celebrity, that's all. Take your lip gloss and go home to Anchorage, lady.

Sent by Jean | 6:31 PM | 9-2-2008

GeraldD, completely MAD :) spinning around trapping himself in an Orwellian twine.

Proof positive that the American empire in decline, ignorance at all time high and critical thinking completely missing. The result from a decline in Math & science...both crucial in ones reasoning capacity.

Luddites...just not ready for anything beyond 1970....and certainly not the post modern world.

Sent by Jon J | 12:29 AM | 9-3-2008

It's an exciting time for our country and a great achievement for both parties. We have a Democratic nominee who happens to be black and a Republican nominee with a woman for his VP. Although, in my mind, a greater achievement would be for the American people to look past race, gender... and find the candidates that will address issues not agendas.

Sent by Elliot Geno | 12:51 PM | 9-4-2008


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