Notes on the News: Republicans Weigh Obama Vote : News & Views "This is the first election I ever actually looked at someone else other than the Republican candidate."
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Notes on the News: Republicans Weigh Obama Vote

Airing New Views in America's Cul-de-sacs
Long-time Republican voters living in suburbs across the nation are considering voting for the other party in the ever-increasing economic crisis. This voting block of golf course communities was crucial to Bush's victory in 2004, and it was founded by cheap mortgages and cheap gas. But more members of this demographic are considering other options: "This is the first election I ever actually looked at someone else other than the Republican candidate."

Anti-Obama Book Tops 'Times' Bestseller List
Jerome V. Corsi, co-author of Unfit for Comamand, the book that took to task John Kerry's Vietnam War record, has come out with a new book. But this time it targets Barack Obama. The Obama Nation will debut at No. 1 on the New York Times hardcover nonfiction best-seller list.

For a Recently Plumbed Neighborhood, Validation in a Verdict
Zanesville, Ohio was a small town that until recently did not supply water to many of its residence. On Coal Run Road, a mostly black neighborhood, water pipes did not reach these homes until 2004. The expansion was set in motion after residents complained in 2002 that the water stopped "where the black folks started."

A Handbook for Haters
Jesse Jackson and other civil rights leaders like him may have spoken for the African-American community in the past, but recently all they have done is undercut Barack Obama and his ascendancy within the Democratic Party. wonders if they can put aside their petty jealousies before permanent damage is done.

Study: Texas Schools More Likely to Lose Track of Black Students
Dropout rights for African-American students in the state of Texas are higher than have been previously speculated, far higher than white or Hispanic students. Black students represent almost one quarter of the students who have fallen through the cracks in the educational system there.

What Camp Obama Has in Common with the Bushies analyzes the Obama strategy for dealing with criticism and finds many similarities to the Bush administration. Both tend to go on the defensive and label any and all disparagement as treason. However, Obama rarely does the accusing himself, allowing others to do so for him so he does not come across as ruffled, separating himself from Bush. But every once in a while, Obama does some ranting and raving himself.

Do the Olympic Games Have Relevance to Black America Anymore?
Black athletes are a powerful force in the Olympics, and not just on the basketball court, but in many other disciplines as well. But do black people care? What can be done to inspire more interest in the Olympics for the black communities across the United States.

It All Points to the Hard Work
The Men's Olympic Basketball Team is not the only one dominating the competition. With an average lead of 42.5 points at the end of both their games so far, the U.S. Women's Basketball Team is proving to be just as tough to beat. With the Czech Republic and China defeated, they hope this boost of confidence will carry them through to Olympic gold.