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From Farai

Politics: The Pace Picks Up

Farai Chideya

We're in the middle of it now.

Remember when the primaries started early; and then there were what seemed like dozens of debates; plus the occasional kerfuffle over a campaign advisor making a high profile mistake?

Well, those days are over. Somehow we have managed, as a nation, to survive months of active campaigning and still have an appetite for more.

With the Democratic National Convention next week; and the Republican Convention the week after that; and then just six weeks until the election, we'll see an intensification of the campaigning process. If either candidate is going to go negative, he'll probably do it after the conventions. If anyone's going to have a last-minute scandal, ditto. I don't see any scandals looming on the horizon, but as the story of Sen. John Edwards indicates, you never know.

We'll be there for you, on the ground at both conventions; and then on the final steps of the march to the White House. I can't wait to send some stories from the road ... and there will be many. We start our political journey by heading to Denver for the Democratic Convention this weekend; heading straight after that to the Republican Convention in St. Paul, Minn.; and then our show is also going to do a week in Washington, D.C.

More soon!