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What Did You Think Of Hillary Clinton's DNC Speech?

Obama Watching Hillary Clinton DNC Speech / Credit: Getty Images

Sen. Barack Obama watches Hillary Clinton address the Democratic National Convention from the home of a supporter in Billings, Montana. Credit: Emmanuel Dunand, AFP/ Getty Images

After all the hand-wringing about what Hillary Clinton would or wouldn't say during her address to the DNC, she took the occasion to stress party unity, saying "Barack Obama is my candidate."

Watch her full speech here — along with a transcript. And share your thoughts.



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I thought she was on point, did a great job of informing her supporters about the need to support Obama, and ramped up the campaign against McCain. I also liked how she tied together women's right to vote and Harriet Tubman's accomplishments in the speech. Overall, good job Hillary!

What I was disappointed in was the Ann Price Mills interview which was aired right after Hillary's speech on CNN. Basically, she is not sure if she will vote come November despite being a champion of voter's rights for years. See it on Youtube:

Sent by ernise | 11:59 AM | 8-27-2008

You could tell she was forced to say what The DNC Pelosi & Dean & Barack Obama wanted her to say,,, completely forced,,,them to unite,,, they are making Hillary Jump thru Hoops and still they Bad Mouth her,, the slams her every day,, For this reason and this reason alone,,I will not Vote for Barack Obama, I will Vote for McCain, \
The Bias Media like making up stories,,
About Hillary,,, what she mite do,,,, She lost this race,, months ago,, and they still talking like she the enemy, Dnc not backing her at all feeding into this crap,
The Democratic party lost its way, it going to stay split, its not even going to get the Jump it wants it will and mite get a 5% jump not the 15% they were hoping for,, now we have Barack Obama creating his stage like a Ceasar,, or Jesus CHrist, like he is the second coming, this again alone prove how he is out of touch with Middle america,

Sent by Paul V | 12:27 PM | 8-27-2008

I think her speech was sufficiently convincing that I think Hillary may have redeemed herself. She realizes that it's more than her legacy; the party and the country are at stake, and she has swallowed her ego to try to heal the party.

Sent by David P. | 4:02 PM | 8-27-2008

I can't see how anyone could come away from that speech and not believe that Hillary is a gifted and capable politician, able to communicate and rally enthusiasm even when it's not her ballgame any more. She's right about our responsibility to the party and the nation...we can't just turn our back on everything she stands for b/c it's not her name on the ticket. We have to do the right thing so the country can begin to recover from 8 long years of wrong-headed leadership. Hillary would have made a great President, and maybe she will in the future, but we all have to stand behind Obama now!

Sent by Susan | 6:36 PM | 8-27-2008

5 words for those voting for McCain: Supreme Court and Women's Rights. Whom do you think will protect women? Think long-term.

Sent by BEB | 6:43 PM | 8-27-2008

Good job, Hillary! She showed that she has some balls. I hope that Obama does the same. As people have commented on NPR, Obama & Biden now have a big opportunity and they has to hit a home run.

Sent by Amybeth Lake | 8:06 PM | 8-27-2008

What is the trade off for Hillary's support of Obama?
if elected he will offer her her seat in power, a Supreme Court appointment, nothing comes with out a price.

Sent by tim Williams | 8:18 AM | 8-28-2008

I agree her speech was great. Rather she is no Barack Obama... Tonight we will see why Obama is our candidate. He deserves all the support we can give him. Hillary would have made a great President and maybe one day she will but this time in History belongs to my boys "Obiden 08" I am so excited. Obama's speech will be watched by people all over the world. They will see how far this country and has come on all levels.

Sent by K Hodges | 3:18 PM | 8-28-2008

Her wonderful speech just shows how much & how bad she lost herself towards the latter part of her campaign.

Similar to Al Gore who after losing to Bush found or recovered his voice. Gore's renewal looks nothing like his candidacy for President.

Both were disappointed and are left thinking what might have been.

Gives more credence to the phrase. 'stay true to yourself'

Now can we turn the page?

Sent by Jon J | 6:45 PM | 8-28-2008