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What Did You Think Of Sarah Palin's Speech?

Gov. Palin / Credit: Getty Images

Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin speaks to the RNC. / Credit: Robyn Beck, Getty Images

The New York Times said Palin "electrified" the GOP with her RNC speech last night; the Wall Street Journal said it was "combative." And the AP said it stretched the truth. What did you think of her speech? In case you missed it, watch it here.



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Sarah Palin and the GOP had a great night. Palin had a great delivery but she delivered mediocre vitriol.

Smart-mouth, mealy-mouth, snarky comments are weak fronts masking deep thoughtlessness and stupidity.

I also noticed her 4 syllable words were elementary: community and organizing.

Sent by Drew | 11:50 AM | 9-4-2008

When her family walked on stage I could not help but think of the Beverly Hillbillies!
She'll play well to middle America but she's not a better candidate than Biden or Obama.

Sent by Jerry | 12:21 PM | 9-4-2008

It was clear, revealing and direct. It showed who she is, and she shed some true light on who Obama is. She showed she is tuff. I believe she was only talking about facts and I don't think she was too aggressive or inappropriate at all. I heard that her teleprompter was not on que so she had to go from her memory and what she felt.

Sent by Scott | 12:22 PM | 9-4-2008

Scott, please :) stop spinning she's a gimmick.

A speech written for her that she read and you say 'showed who she is'. She did not even get into ANY of her beliefs..oh but she will have to soon.

Their entire convention has been about falling back on 'liberalism',... can't run on their record just appeal to those who will FALL for ANYTHING, long as it spites liberals.

Even though Barack has been vetted through a year long primary campaign, debates, appearing in townhall meetings, etc., against one of the strongest political machines in the last 40yrs, 2 books & book tour, appearing on radio answering questions, etc. Many were saying, well, the American people just don't know Barack. And well, it's only speeches.
NOW, she shows up on the scene, gives ONE speech and people are ready to praise her?

She has not given one press conference, has been hidden for the last 5 days. NO one in America knows who see is! But she looks the part and many are ready to jump on board. Laughable!


Sent by Jon J | 1:18 PM | 9-4-2008

Let the Choir Say AAAAAAmen! Jon J.

Sent by Rance | 2:08 PM | 9-4-2008

Sorry Jon. Obama also reads his speeches written for him, and without the telepromptor he barely can get past "uuugh..." If there was ever a gimmick, it's Obama, who is associated with and protected by the most corrupt democratic organisation in Chicago. His accomplishments include a failure to make a junior partner in a law firm right before he was forced to become community organiser. The biggest point you libs are missing is the fact that Obama WILL become the President in January (if elected) while Palin only MAY have o step in in the next 4 years.
Oh,and the most substance I've got from 0's speeches is Hope and Change - that's why he chose an old geezer as a running mate. Honestly, we on the right would be rather worried if the MSN and the Code Pink crowd along with Kos started prising the choice of Palin. THEN we'd know McCain is in trouble...

Sent by N0Bama '08 | 2:23 PM | 9-4-2008

I loved her speach. She was down-to-earth, and not afraid to draw comparisons between the McCain/Palin and the Obama/Biden platforms and philosophies. She did make some jabs, but Biden made jabs too during his speach at the DNC. Just goes to show that a woman can deliver punches right back!

Sent by PalinRockedit | 2:36 PM | 9-4-2008

I couldn't sleep all night, I was so appalled. Just as I thought the country was moving away from divisiveness and politics of blame and distrust along comes this candidate full of sarcasm and lies. No vision. No ideas. Is this what we want for America?

Sent by J White | 2:36 PM | 9-4-2008

A comment from an Alaskan who didn't vote for her for governor. She has done an impressive job in a State with many complicated issues as a state 1/5 the size of the US has. Some of us had the same reservations as many in the nation had when we first met her. I was wrong. Her handling of the big international oil companies and their CEO'S was tough and direct. BP and EXXON and the rest are multinationals with the GNP themselves of small countries. She backed them down and got her pipeline her way. I can see that type of fortitude easily translated to foriegn policy. Focus on how she makes decisions. That is the crux of the bridge to no where issue. We may still build that bridge and she may still support it but not as a earmark from the fedral goverment.She turned the funds over to the State Legislature to evaluate the use of the funds in relation to other projects to vet its true merit.

Sent by Juneau Jo | 3:02 PM | 9-4-2008

I'm sooooo tired of hearing about Sarah Palin's family..So what her kid is pregnant @ 17, baby has special needs, and her son is going to Iraq. She is not the first person that has been through these things. I want to know about where SHE is ready to lead this country. What SHE plans on doing to change our economy. What SHE plans on doing about the war in Iraq.
I think this was another plot by the "REPUBLICANS" to mask the fact that she is not experienced enough to take upon the task as a VP. This was a hast decision made the McCain party to bring attention to the fact that Obama didn't pick Hilary.
I don't plan on picking up my hammer and shattering that glass ceiling on 11/04. I'm a democrat first and I'm not ignorant enough to fall for this plea to vote for her because I'm a women..WON'T WORK...NO WAY..NO HOW...NO MCCAIN...

Sent by Women 4 Obama | 3:12 PM | 9-4-2008

After reading the previous comments I'm not sure I saw the same broadcast as those "wanna-be intelects". Sorry guys not a good job at all.

Sent by Lee Fye | 3:16 PM | 9-4-2008

AWESOME SPEECH! Wow! Joe Biden who?

Gov. Palin's strength, character and determination was on display for all to see. Energized is the word that comes to mind.

This is a much better team for America then the opposition, in my opinion. Joe Lieberman nailed it as well.

Bye bye Barack. See ya' in 4 years...or 8 more than likely now.

Sent by James | 3:17 PM | 9-4-2008

Drew, with comments like yours, "Smart-mouth, mealy-mouth, snarky comments are weak fronts masking deep thoughtlessness and stupidity." shows how bias people like you are. How on earth can you say a speech like that shows stupidity? Stop taking talking points from your liberal leaders, open your eyes, and actually take a look. You sound like a grade school bully trying to act tough by trying to call someone else names. It's foolish to call someone stupid based upon a well delivered speech. You may not agree with her politics but think before you speak. It will do you well in like.

Sent by David Child | 3:29 PM | 9-4-2008

"C" at best. I wish the NYT, David Gergen, Carl Bernstein, et al., were my speech teachers! I could have used those As in my speech classes, too.

Sent by rch | 3:58 PM | 9-4-2008

Her rhetoric was energizing, but I found it deceitful and quite ridiculing. Her speech is still not going to get me to vote for her or McCain. They are pro war, pro guns, anti women's rights, anti equality for same-sex citizens, and she is not prepared to be President if McCain kicks it.

Sent by Spirit | 5:57 PM | 9-4-2008

I watched the speech last night. I argued with my Republican husband about the lack of substance in the McCain't Palin ticket. He promptly suggested I was not being strategic in thought, overly emotional and sited my response as evidence of why the "Democrats might not win because they don't understand the real issues at hand." I had openly avoided any blogging about this issue, swept into a focus on back to school and back to the routines that guide our family. However, after my true introduction to Pitbull Palin last night, my thoughts are incredibly clear. I have been Independent for the last decade in my voting, and last night I was clear that if I must pick a party affiliation - it will be to proclaim I am a Democrat.

No Solutions - Rhetoric
Palin offered no solutions about the issues that matter to me most. There was no mention of health care and a summary statement about "parents being able to choose" the education option for their child. The problem with that education theory, is that the only families that truly experience choice are those that are able to afford houses above $250,000 in value, so that they can buy a school district that offers a competitive education. Although I support Charter School options and applaud parents seeking immediate remedies to their local schools, I see what those options are everyday. I also know that most schools in the infancy of their development (Charter Schools included) are not able to provided the systems and tools that an above average Suburban school district provides.

My prescriptions with full health care for my children have been about $150 this month, including office co-pays. Palin and McCain don't have to address these issues, it doesn't even matter to them. The problem, however, is that more American people face my reality than Palin's Mr. Mom husband, and McCain's decision to marry up, wealthy and clueless.

A Moral Mess
We can talk about policy prescriptions and detailed plans, but at its core the Republican Party has been offering a moral solution to life for as long as I can remember. I myself use the term conservative to clarify that regardless of my political affiliation I have morals and standards that are clear for my family and our lives. The Right has taken faith and religion and stood on top of hills and mountains to proclaim the lack of moral compass in anyone who disagree with them. And what do we get from their example:

Giuliani was responsible for the build up last night. Someone who moved his mistress into the home with his wife, openly cheated, and does not have the respect and support of his children. The Giuliani sons are Obama supporters.

McCain returned from his POW experience which he openly pimps in what has become a disgraceful manner - to cheat on his wife, divorce her after she suffered terribly from a life altering accident, and then married the wealthy bimbo he cheated with.

Palin has the ability to reach out openly to parents of disabled children, white women, those who aspire to a "less cosmopolitan world", while Barack has to dance around his culture, all racial issues and any reference to what he might be an advocate for if he gets the nod. Her mother in law said she didn't know what Palin brings to the ticket. I would love to clarify what she brings - she's white. she's female. she's void of any documented position on race and equity issues. she's gender politics at its finest.

...and that isn't the half of what I thought.

Sent by Aimee A Laramore | 6:58 PM | 9-4-2008

I think the TV networks should all broadcast the Peter Seller's film "Being There" prior to election day, as it is very relevant to this situation in which an unknown might rocket to the Presidency.

The press should investigate how she manages the Alaska State government to understand how she might perform in Washington.

Sent by Doug | 7:30 PM | 9-4-2008

John McCain found a good comedian....he should find a VP before November 4th sneaks up on him.

That RNC speech was fantastically delivered, interesting to watch and absolutely hilarious! I mean, "pit bull with lipstick?!" Really? She gave lots of funny, sarcastic insults with great timing and delivery. But what I found really amusing were the things she DIDN'T say in her speech. Like how she believes that the war in Iraq is "God's task." Or how she has actively sought the support of the fringe Alaska Independence Party (small town people who DON'T want to be Americans).
Palin doesn't believe that humans contribute to global warming (I'm wondering how she plans on "protecting our environment" if she thinks we aren't doing anything to harm it.) Her inauguration as governor was sponsored by BP (maybe BP doesn't qualify as 'big oil'). Palin is COMPLETELY anti-choice (she neglected to mention that to all those women voters she was speaking to at the RNC).
Palin opposes comprehensive sex-ed in public schools. She's an abstinence only kinda gal (even though she proudly brought her pregnant teenage daughter and "baby daddy" on stage).
And to be fair, she DID oppose the Bridge to Nowhere (after she stopped supporting it).

Although I am disappointed and even insulted by this pick, she did make me laugh! Bravo.

Sent by Tracie | 9:32 PM | 9-4-2008

i watched some of her speech but soon turned from it! to much old politics of taking swipes at the democrats rather than using the stage to tell america about herself and how she will her macCain who claims to be a republican to undo what the republicans did in the last eight years to cause bush to be so unpopular. mc Cain & palin are like the blind trying to lead the blind--only this time--we won't fall in a ditch--bush already lead us there--is why we need someone to help us to get out!! Plz! no more bush failed policies..whenever you have a republican running for predsident and also running from the present republican presidents record, THAT! should tell us something. if mcCain is truly for change--we must ask ourselves--CHANGE from what!!! his party is and has been in the white house for the last eight years--sounds like he needs to change alright--to a different party.

Sent by james block | 9:33 PM | 9-4-2008

As a women and a small business owner who employees about 25 women, I was not impressed with Sarah Palin's efforts to address the needs of women or small business owners. I see my employees struggle to pay for gas, housing, and food, not to mention health insurance, and/or health care. I struggle to pay my half of the insurance premiums for those employees who can afford to pay their half of an individual premium as the cost of health insurance continue to increases every year and coverage seems to shrink. Family coverage is above my ability and most of my employees' ability to pay. She did not talk about health care, the economy, or jobs. She twisted the truth about her accomplishments and the lack of Obama's accomplishments. To conservatives she looks softer and more appealing than Hillary Clinton because she is a hockey mom with five children, including a baby that was born after she was forty and was well into her political career. If she becomes vice-president is her husband going to be the hockey-dad and her young daughters surrogate mothers to her special needs baby? This seems to conflict with those traditional family values we hear so much about.

Sent by Dian Seyler | 10:41 PM | 9-4-2008

The gist of her speech;


Sent by Rob | 10:55 PM | 9-4-2008

I guess as a party convention with 90% white delegates one could expect the derisive "community organizer" comment. As a white person who has worked in inner city schools and in diverse communities most of my 70 years, I am disgusted at a white woman's relegation of all of us to inferior status. I met and worked with some of the most principled hard working people I have ever met, including many religious people.. How dare she make such remarks when it is obvious she has done little to better the lives of the less fortunate. I hope some of the religious people who have worked so hard for others will start to question and expose some of the hard nosed hypocrisy of the far right. It is time to stop them "representing" the Christian religion.

Sent by Gina Vaughn | 1:50 AM | 9-5-2008

After watching "Pistol Packin' Mama" Wed. night, we found this disturbing story online yesterday morning
about how McCain's VP pick views war as part of God's grand plan.

Sarah does seem to share a common ideology with the Palin that I prefer by far: Michael Palin of Monty Python fame!

Remember the Holy Hand Grenade scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?!

Sarah's ideology:

Michael's ideology:


Sent by Mark | 9:02 AM | 9-5-2008

It was a good delivery of a George Bush speechwriter's written word.

I'm sure Palin is studying right now on federal government. My reasoning, when she initially asks, what does a vice-president do?

It's unnerving when a potential vice-president asks such a rudimentary questions.

And to reference herself as a dog, well that statement speaks for itself.

Sent by Lyle K. Deere | 10:10 AM | 9-5-2008

The bar was set so low for her that she could have recited the alphabet and gotten cheers! Lies, lies and more lies. Don't they think that we are smart enough to open another tab in Internet Explorer and fact check their foolishness?

Sent by James McKissic | 2:55 PM | 9-5-2008

Liberal this, liberal that...mantra of Pin-heads with talk-radio mentality.
But it fills (filibuster) the void for failure and a bad record.

Really, you guys couldn't muster an original thought if your life depended on it. Just regurgitating talk radio's talking points.

You are ALL fossils, starving for a bygone era...the America in the future isn't your GRANDFATHERS' OR FATHERS' AMERICA.

NEWFLASH!! Doesn't matter who wins the elections your little world view is TOAST, the clock it ticking and you are only putting off the inevitable. The America of 1950 will NEVER return cowboys. That high school diploma won't be enough for a factory job that isn't there!

You can be riled up tent revival style into hating liberals or blaming liberals all you want, because misplaced anger is easier than adapting & evolving. But we know the real deal in your psyche: You stay on the attack at 'liberals' because you have been hoodwinked and it's nobodies fault but your own. And since you can't deal with how complicit you've been in your own demise, you fall for anything no matter how bad it is for you, the country and even your children long as it spites liberals so you can have your little adolescent ha moment.
Because facing the facts and looking in the mirror is just too darn hard.

You Luddites have been on the wrong side of history AND a drag on progress for over 100yrs. And you haven't gotten anything for it!

So if you think Sarah Plain (who proved that she can read a lie with the best of them) mom with five kids ( owning a PASSPORT for less than 1yr) will guide America in a globally competitive much more interconnected world then you are dumb as you wanna be.

Sent by Jon J | 7:44 PM | 9-5-2008

Wow, I watched part of Palin's speech on You Tube. Couldn't stomach the RNC coverage as a whole and couldn't watch much of the Palin speech. I'm a bit(but only a bit) stunned that anyone could take her seriously, except for seriously wacko. She is so far right that I don't even know where she is except that Alaska has a number of people with that kind of an outlook. And I noticed that she tried to be PC and make a point of saying that her husband has Inuit ancestry, so therefore I guess her children can be considered mixed race! I don't know, I think she would be totally laughable except that people actually seem to be taking her seriously which scares me a lot. But then this is the country that reelected George W for a second term.

Sent by Pinkie Marama | 7:52 PM | 9-5-2008

I wasn't impressed with the *****, she didn't tell how she is going to help the country. Just because she has son going off to war, a special needs child, an pregnant daughter doesn't mean she can do anything for the country.I think she needs to spend time with her family before her daughter has another child.

Sent by sick of the McCain ticket | 8:12 PM | 9-5-2008

I tried to comment earlier but was not posted. I'm trying again as I feel my view represents a lot of people who have worked hard as community organizers. Sarah Palin's remarks about "community organizers" was really disgusting and revealing of her lack of empathy and knowledge of the world outside her small community and a state with a population (600,000) that is less than many urban cities. In my 70 years I have worked with a lot of "community organizers" who are hardworking, principled people, many of them religious people, who have given a large portion of their lives with very little money for their efforts to try helping people less fortunate.
I wish some of the major religions would take on this mean spirited attack and show the religious right in its raw hypocrisy. What happened to "I am my brothers keeper" nature of Christianity. Why do we continue to carter to the "pit bulls" who prefer to tear their enemies to shreds,

Sent by Gina Vaughn | 8:31 PM | 9-5-2008

I think the "pit bull with lipstick" was a good self-description. The Republicans are foolish indeed if they think that the women who would have voted for Hilary are the same women who would vote for Palin whose right wing wacko views are in every way the opposite of Hilary's. I know her kind. That video that was shown at the convention that was supposedly "a tribute to the victims of Sept. 11th" gave me that same feeling of nausea I felt on that day.......not only for the reason that so many innocent Americans perished in such a horrible act........but because it made me remember walking into my office at work after just having seen the second plane hit only to witness two co-workers, fundamentalist Christian women ("pit bulls with lipstick", who had huge grins on their faces and very pleased. I heard one say to the other, "It's happening!!" as they giggled in glee. What they were referring to was that this was the beginning of the end of the world meaning that the "Rapture" was nearing.........when the
saved" would be raptured up into Heaven, leaving the rest of us to burn in a Hell on earth. These sick women believe this with all of their twisted hearts. They also are anti-abortion (not even if a mother's life is at stake), book-burning, anti-gay, don't believe in evolution or global warming, and the meanest people you could imagine. They talk about how they are "saved" and "blessed" when their views are the opposite of real Christian values. These women campaigned hard for George W. Bush and will likely support Palin. The frightening thing is that their cult is growing and powerful in the Republican party - and, apparently, in control now that Palin has been the VP choice as she shares their views. The sick feeling I had in my stomach at the loss of all the people September 11th and the delight of the women in my office came flooding back with the Republican airing of that video which was designed to appeal to the fundamentalist base and designed to create fear and terror in the hearts of the American people. It made me all the more resolved to vote against McCain and Palin and for Obama. Any woman who would vote for Palin just because she is a woman needs to think long and hard about what that will mean for the future of all women and the future of the human race.

Sent by Kathy in Montana | 2:14 AM | 9-6-2008

I feel so sorry of they way you liberals felt. Ya'll just haters and start bashing for your king obama. If ya'll think she's bad for the ticket for not experienced, then why the harsh tactics? Scared or unintelligent?

Sent by matt | 11:58 PM | 9-7-2008

Gov. Palin spoke directly to the issues that voters (who are not intoxicated by Obama) have been asking.

Palin has done what many voters want politicians to do, trim the fat and represent the people.

She will be a target for the opposition, but she can handle it. She is fresh air in the political world.

Sent by ben | 12:57 AM | 9-8-2008

I fear for my country and my daughters if these two make it into office. Isn't it funny that she will not speak to the press. Oh ya they don't want anyone to ask about her daughter and her condition. No they don't want to answer about her policies and what she stands for. They have her enrolled in crash course 101VP this semester. Also what about the enviroment? She is not the one to bring us to the new level of care and concern we must now exhibit toward our world. Not just for us but for our children.

Mccain and Palin do not = progress. We will be stuck with 8 more years of no progress. I don't know about the rest of you but my living standard has been decreasing steadily for the past 8 years. I can't afford this kind of government any longer, nor can my children.

Sent by Allison | 3:52 PM | 9-8-2008


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