Some Women Choosing The Single Mother Route : News & Views Some women are choosing to be single mothers.
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Some Women Choosing The Single Mother Route

With the marriage rate for African Americans reportedly on the decline since the 1960s, more black women are faced with tough decisions about when and how to start families. Some simply go it alone — choosing to be single mothers.

Blogger Kira Craft offers her insight:

"I don't need a man to have a baby. I don't have to find "The One" and fall in love and get married to procreate. My body doesn't actually care if Cupid has shot my heart straight through with arrows. Love and sentiment technically have nothing to do with the fact that since my menstrual blood began I have been able to have a baby — whenever I want.

My eggs are sitting inside of me, waiting, waiting, for their chance to engage. They've been here all my life, hundreds of thousands of them, clustered so patiently. They are quiet, tucked away from the outside world in a semblance of security. For most of my life I've barely given them a thought, hidden away as they are in the dark, deep red recesses of body and emotion.

But it feels like a both a blessing and a curse, this gift, as I have woken to the knowledge that my ability to generate life is a choice bound by time. Suddenly, it seems, I am thirty- four and single and my horizon has become a tipping point of fertility. How did I get here so quickly?

... Here I am, faced with choices. I feel lucky to have them, to be a free woman in a free country, with the financial and emotional capacity to provide for a baby. I wonder at this weaving path that embracing love can conceive. For the first time in my life, when people ask me, 'Do you want children?' my answer is yes. But I have begun to consider the question: What does family mean to me?"

Can you relate to her experience?