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DeBarge Unsung

In my neon-colored-clothes days (that would be junior high school), I loved the sounds of a group called DeBarge. In addition to singing dreamy pop love songs, they were all brothers and sisters ... well, one sister ... and I thought that was crazy cool.

Well, as it turns out, it may have been closer to plain crazy. A new TV One documentary series called "Unsung" tracks the lives of musicians who went down the sad side alleys of life ... into drugs, depression, even suicide.

The episode on DeBarge moved me. Not one or two but virtually all of the family members struggled with abuse and/or drugs. At this point, the ones who are still alive are fighting to rebuild their lives, keep a connection to faith, and in some cases to rebuild their careers.

We spoke to brother and sister Chico and Bunny DeBarge about being survivors ... the roads they've walked and the prices they've paid.

Take a listen. If you remember the days when DeBarge ruled the airwaves, it's hard not to be moved by their struggle.