Do You Have GOOD News In Bad Times? : News & Views Do you have good news in bad times? Share your story.
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Do You Have GOOD News In Bad Times?

Maybe you got into a business that actually does BETTER during hard times ... like auto repairs.

Maybe someone steered you to the right job, or you got out of school with just the right credentials.

Maybe you were willing to relocate and found a place that needed your skills.

If you're seeing the UPSIDE of the down economy... let us know. We'd love to put you on air.

By the way, here's what we posted asking for people to share their stories about being laid off. You can follow the same process if you want to tell us your good news.

If you're recently unemployed, we want to get some firsthand stories of how you're coping, looking for work, or changing your spending habits and your life.

Leave us a comment below, and we'll reach out to you.

Or, you can go go to the main page of and click on "Contact Us." Be sure that in the comment box you use the pull-down menu to tell us the comment is for News & Notes.

Thank you!

Because of our post about people who had lost their jobs, we had a moving conversation today with James Smith, who would consider moving out of the country to find work.

Please take a listen. And James, we definitely want to talk to you again as you continue (and hopefully find a happy end to) your search.