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From Tony Cox

Hello, Goodbye

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Geoffrey Bennett, NPR

While all eyes and ears are on the Inaugural festivities in the nation's capital this week, we're undergoing our own changing of the palace guard here at News & Notes.

Farai Chideya has left the program, effective today, but will be back in a cameo role during our inauguration coverage on Tuesday. We're all going to miss her deeply, not only because she's an outstanding communicator, but because Farai is one of the good people in the business.

She cares, and her ability to connect with folks on-air, and off, is in no small measure what has made News & Notes the show so many of you have come to appreciate.

I've also been privileged to be a part of this show's history, and, along with the other members of the News & Notes staff, I'd like to assure you that we're not gone. Yet.

Until March 20, 2009, News & Notes will continue to air every day as it always does, with new shows. As host, I promise we will continue to bring to you the same insightful, sometimes controversial, but always relevant stories of and by people who often slip below the mainstream radar.

There has never been a program quite like ours in the history of National Public Radio. It was a bold experiment that, unfortunately, has nearly run its course. So, until the "On Air" light goes out nine weeks from now, we're gonna play on.

I invite you to stay with us.