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Rev. Wright Talks Blago, Burris, And Bailout

News & Notes regular bloggers' roundtable guest, Amani Channel, recently got the chance to ask a few wide-ranging questions to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Wright, you'll remember, is President Obama's former pastor, who found himself embroiled in a YouTube-fueled controversy during the campaign.

Here is the story, courtesy of My Urban Report:

Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright who gained notoriety during the 2008 Presidential race for his well publicized comments about America made a stop at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta on Friday to receive an award at the 2nd Annual H.O.T.E.P Lecture Series.

After he was presented with his award he sat down for about fifteen minutes to speak to local media. We were instructed not to ask him any questions about his relationship with President Obama. It seems a local newspaper reporter got a little aggressive with the questions earlier in the day and he almost decided to nix the rest of the interviews.

WXIA-TV, WAGA-TV, The Atlanta Voice, and a Morehouse student reporter all respected the request, but we did ask him questions about the bailout, the Blagojevich situation and Senator Burris. As a reporter, when you're asked not to ask a question, you have to find ways to ask around the question, so when I got my chance I asked if he thinks America is really on the cusp of change.