NPR logo Obama To Address Congress, Nation On Economy

Obama To Address Congress, Nation On Economy

President Obama will address a joint session of Congress tonight, focusing mainly on his plans to fix the flagging economy. Here's more of what you can expect, via the Detroit Free Press:

— First, as he did with the middle-class tax cut in the stimulus bill, he'll talk up intentions for another campaign promise: health care reform, with guarantees of better access for more people.

— Second, Obama will work on bolstering the public's trust by recognizing the cost of the stimulus and promising to cut the federal deficit in half by 2013, the end of his term, by trimming some spending (especially by scaling back in Iraq) and raising taxes on the wealthy, as advertised by his campaign.

— Third, he'll talk about resolve, about commitment to change and about how all these efforts will take time. Don't be surprised if he cautioned against attaching too much importance to a day's or week's swing in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

What do you want to hear from President Obama tonight?