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NPR Audience Runs Wild With Team Name Challenge

A few weeks ago, we asked you to come up with clever team names for the upcoming 30th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge taking place on May 4.

Well, we asked and you delivered. All of the team name submissions were smart and witty, which made it hard to pick just a few winners. However, after much deliberation (think 12 Angry Men crossed with a rock, paper, scissors tournament) we finally have the six winning names for NPR's Capital Challenge Race teams. Starter pistol, please! What? That's more appropriate than a drum roll in this case, right? Okay, anyway...

  • News Travels Fast, submitted by Richard Klein

  • Listener Supported Cardio, submitted by Jake Bender

  • Wait, Wait Don't Pass Me!, a tie: submitted by both Jeanette Lyman and Amanda Mason

  • Fresh Outta Air, submitted by Jennifer Hoffman

  • Fly Like a Siegel, submitted by Olivia Pape

  • Gasping for Airwaves, submitted by John McDermott

If your name is listed, email us with your mailing address to claim your coveted prize: an NPR t-shirt! Congratulations to the selected winners, and thanks to everyone who submitted a response.

With names like these, how can they lose. Wait, don't answer that. Okay, gotta run...