NPR logo A Foot In The Door: Job Searching in the Twitterverse

A Foot In The Door: Job Searching in the Twitterverse

The news for job hunters was grim earlier this month: a higher unemployment rate and lower than expected payroll increase. When the June jobs report was released, I'm certain many who have been searching for work for a long time weren't really surprised.

Even with high unemployment, there are open jobs out there ready for qualified candidates ready to snap them up. So, NPR recently launched the @NPRjobs Twitter feed to help prospective employees learn about jobs at NPR and offer job-search resources.

Now, we are introducing a hashtag that will make it even easier to find jobs throughout public media—at NPR, American Public Media, and public radio stations all over the land. Search for it next time you're using Twitter: #PubJobs.

Anyone can access the content at #PubJobs; you don't need have thousands of followers or even have your own Twitter account. Just know this: if you are looking for a job or if you know of a job in public media, this is the newest resource for you.

And of course, tell your friends. (Unless you want to keep the good job opportunities to yourself.)

Lars Schmidt is NPR's Human Resources Director of Talent Acquisition and handles recruiting across NPR.