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NPR In The News: My Mind On My Money And My Money On My Mind Edition

Whew! It's as hot outside as it is on Capitol Hill these days. But NPR journalists are keeping it cool with their continued coverage of the debt ceiling negotiations in Washington and other happenings around the nation. Check out a few news highlights from the end of July:

— President Obama spoke with Tell Me More host Michel Martin about the debt ceiling talks as his birthday plans. Reuters, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and ABC all picked up tidbits from the exclusive interview.

— If you're in DC and want to learn more about what's going on with the U.S. economy, The Washington Post's Express recommends you check out the Planet Money event at Sixth and I on July 27th at 7pm to hear what financial journalists Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson have to say.

The Huffington Post highlighted Claudio Sanchez's series on the high school dropout crisis and how it affects the economy. The series airs all this week.

— The only thing better than one reporter being recognized for reporting innovation is two reporters! New York Magazine named Andy Carvin and Matt Stiles as new media innovators in their fields for 2011.

— If all this talk of debt and default have got you stressed, follow The Salt Lake Tribune's suggestion to tune into NPR's live streaming coverage of the sold out Newport Jazz and Folk Festival in Rhode Island.