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NPR In the News: The Forecast Edition

Whether it was the weather, technology or popular trends, NPR News reports popped up on several radars this week:

- NPR's Dallas correspondent Wade Goodwyn spoke with the NewsHour's Gwen Ifill about the extreme severity of the drought in Texas

PBS NewsHour YouTube

- Hurricane Irene caused more than a run on bottled water. The International Business Times and Daily Mail recognized Scott Simon's interview with chief economist Bob Hartwig of the Insurance Information Institute.

- As she prepares for her first show this week, new Weekend Edition Sunday host Audie Cornish was featured in one of her hometown papers, The Randolph Herald.

- Andy Carvin stirred the pot at last weekend's Edinburgh International TV Festival when he asked Google chairman Eric Schmidt about the Google+ real-names policy. The Washington Post,, eWeek and PCWorld all jumped at the answer.

- Gothamist, Huffington Post, iVillage and San Francisco Weekly can't get enough of All Thing Considered's report on the Greek yogurt craze. Greek Islands, Greek Salad, Greek must be something in the culture.

- Comedy Central Insider LOVES All Things least when Wyatt Cenac is reading the script in his Bill Cosby voice. Check out the Morning Edition interview where it all went down. Maybe Mr. Cosby will discover that Chiobani is the new J-E-L-L-O...I'd like to see him make a catchy jingle out of that brand name.