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NBA players may be sitting out for a few weeks, but NPR correspondents spent the weekend laying down some solid man-to-man "D" on their news beats. In The News has your floor seats for the latest coverage:

- In case you missed the latest episode of Parks and Recreation, check out the All Things Considered cameo in this week's NCIS LA (about 15 minutes into the show). An agent turns on "a little NPR" and then you'll hear Melissa Block leading into a Joe Palca story.

- CNN's Kyra Phillips spoke with our own Mike Pesca yesterday morning about NBA Commissioner David Stern's announcement cancelling the first two weeks of the NBA. You can find his Morning Edition piece on the lockout here.

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- Ari Shapiro participated in MSNBC's The Daily Rundown panel discussion about how Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign may be affected by his Mormon faith.

- Steve Inskeep's op-ed on his experience in Karachi, Pakistan was featured in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Steve's new book about the region, Instant City, was also featured this morning in the Huffington Post's list of The Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2011.

- Weekend Edition Sunday host Audie Cornish was named on "The Root 100" list of the most influential African Americans in 2011.