NPR In The News : NPR Extra It's a radio on the TV kind of week here at NPR. News correspondents hit the big screen to talk about national news, international wars and a new book.
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From undertaking intense investigations to launching a series for the young readers, it's been a busy week for NPR staff. Take a look at some of the coverage of their efforts:

- Laura Sullivan's multi-part series Native Foster Care has received quite a bit of attention. Follow the developments resulting from her investigation in these stories from AP, Rapid City Journal, USA Today and Native Times. Also, the House National Resource Committee distributed this press release.

- Military Times and National Review spotlighted Pentagon reporter Tom Bowman's Darkhorse Battalion series, telling the story of the Marine unit's seven long months at war — both in Afghanistan and back home.

- The Back-Seat Book Club is already getting media attention after airing its first piece this week. Publisher's Weekly spoke with Michele Norris, who developed the idea for this new segment.

- Member station WAMU reporter Sabri Ben-Achour's piece on the "zombie parasites" plaguing D.C.'s fly population (no pun intended), was the buzz of the town as seen at DCist and The Washington Post.

- MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell spoke with Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep this week about his new book, Instant City, for a look "beyond the headlines" into life in Pakistan:

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- Margaret Warner also hosted Steve Inskeep on PBS Newshour this week to talk about his take on the violence and vibrancy within Karachi, Pakistan as recounted in his new book: