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NPR In The News: The Now, Now...Tell Me! Edition

Some big news here at NPR this week as we announced one of our shows is coming to TV. Since one royal wedding a year is not enough, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! and BBC America are partnering to produce an oddly informative special airing this winter. The AP and The New York Times have the details of the happy event.

In case the Queen decides to come to Chicago for the taping, guess it's a good thing Wait Wait staffers Ian Chillag and Mike Danforth recently brushed up their fancy pants on their podcast How to Do Everything:


Capping the good week for Wait Wait, the crew enjoyed a sold-out performance in Tampa that The St. Petersburg Times both promoted and attended.

Other notable NPR news this week includes:

- Melissa Block's interview with Energy Secretary Steven Chu was referenced by several outlets, including National Review, The Hill, Reuters, and The Washington Post.

- NPR's Digital Media team rolled out its Infinite Player this week, which the Nieman Journalism Lab calls "a product of NPR's culture of rapid iteration and a peek into the future of radio," and Read, Write, Web deemed a "contrast to the type of 'engaged listening' experience that podcasts and audio clips offer."

- The Pop Culture Happy Hour gang has some groupies over at Metrosource, who included the podcast in their listing of "People We Love."

- Poynter praised the outstanding after shock of the "Poisoned Places" investigation, saying: "It allows the user to decide what they want to learn and how long they want to spend exploring the issue. It provides transparency in the process used to collect and report the story."

- NPR Music notches another outstanding pick for their First Listen series; the stream of the new Kate Bush album was picked up by Prefix Magazine, the NBC New York blog Nonstop Sound and Glide Magazine.