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Thank A Teacher On National Day Of Listening

The day after Thanksgiving has been dubbed the "National Day of Listening." Started by StoryCorps in 2008, this holiday asks Americans to step away from the leftovers, football games and Black Friday sales in order to spend some time recording an interview with a loved one.

This year's National Day of Listening theme is "Thank a Teacher." Everyone remembers that one teacher who saw the best in you, put in hours of overtime, inspired greatness or taught you how to read.

On Friday, November 25, take a moment to thank those teachers who have influenced you. Post a memory of your favorite teacher on Facebook, Twitter (@storycorps, #thankateacher), or You Tube. Better yet, write a letter. Make a phone call. Once you do, be sure to let the StoryCorps team know about it by joining the wall of listening.

The NPR Communications team put together the pictures and memories below to say thanks to some our teachers; they've been more of an influence for good on us than they'll ever know.