NPR In The News : NPR Extra What do Jeopardy, jumping alarms clocks and Martha Stewart have in common? It's all there at NPR In The News.
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Now that Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, the NBA season is locked down and Cyber Monday is just a bunch of emails sitting in the trash folder, let's find out where NPR has been popping up in other media.

- Martha Stewart toured around the nation's capital earlier this month while in town for an interview with NPR and an event in her honor at the DAR. Check out her recap of the trip, complete with photos at NPR headquarters.

- Michele Norris was on Jeopardy last the $1,200 Double Jeopardy question! Check out the stumper below:


Category: Radio Faces
Amount: $1,200
Clue: If you're happier listening to this NPR program not knowing what Michele Norris looks like, cover your eyes
Response: All Things Considered

- CNET gave the NPR Shop some well deserved attention for the special NPR version of Tocky alarm clocks, which come complete with the voices of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me and All Songs Considered hosts and the terrifying ability to jump off your nightstand.

- Sylvia Poggioli was honored for her outstanding reporting during a luncheon at the State Department yesterday, where she received the Arthur Ross Award for Distinguished Reporting & Analysis on Foreign Affairs from The American Academy of Diplomacy.

- Ari Shapiro sat down with PBS Newshour's Ray Suarez to talk about the most recent GOP debate in Washington, D.C., which marked the 11th face-off for the eight candidates.

PBS Newshour YouTube

- David Welna and POLITICO's Scott Wong spoke to The Progressive Caucus Chair, Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), on C-SPAN last week in an interview about the aftermath of the Joint Select Committee's failure to reach an agreement.

- CNN Newsroom's Krya Phillips interviewed Mike Pesca Monday as news broke about Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine's firing and his wife's knowledge of the events.