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Ryan Bingham Loves NPR Intern Edition

Melissa Kuypers /NPR
Ryan Bingham at NPR West
Melissa Kuypers /NPR

Near the end of the 2009 film Crazy Heart, Otis 'Bad' Blake — a former country artist and recovering alcoholic — watches in reminisce as his song, 'The Weary Kind,' is performed by Tommy Sweet (Colin Farrell) at a night club.

The song, co-written for the film by musician Ryan Bingham, went on to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2010.

Bingham stopped by NPR West to chat with National Desk intern Danny Hajek about his life leading up to Crazy Heart — his upbringing in rural Texas, where he performed for "ranchers and oil-filled roughnecks" (his words); the man behind the inspiration for 'The Weary Kind'; and his fourth studio album, set for release next year.

He may have also mentioned that whole Academy Award thing, too.

Hajek's piece on Bingham, along with more than 10 others written and produced by the NPR's fall 2011 intern class, will be available online Wednesday, December 21. Tune in to this blog or the Intern Edition website to hear them all.