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NPR In The News: The Six More Weeks of Winter Edition

Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday morning meaning D.C.'s eerily mild winter may turn grey soon; but on the bright side, it's been a great week in news for NPR. Check out the lasted media coverage below:

NPR correspondent Chris Arnold and Jesse Eisinger of ProPublica broke some big news on Monday. Their investigation into the refinancing and interest rate practices of mortgage giant Freddie Mac sparked a reaction in the media and on Capitol Hill:

New York Times, Reuters, CNNMoney and Washington Post were among the outlets recognizing Arnold's and Eisinger's work.

Huffington Post cites Chris and Jesse's work in a story about one ex-marine who is fighting back; De los Santos is just one example of a home owner suffering the consequences of Freddie Mac's refinancing practices.

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey wrote a letter to President Obama seeing accountability from organizations that received taxpayer money, including Freddie Mac, written in response to NPR/ProPublica investigation. Read the letter here.

Chris Arnold spoke with Nightly Business Report's Tom Miller Tuesday about the investigation and its implications. (8:30)

In other news, the @NPRNews Twitter account got a free makeover! The account was selected as an early adapter for the enhanced brand Twitter pages and joins other well-known brands that were first out the gate last month, including Pixar, Volkswagen and Coca-Cola. GigaOm and The Verge have the details.

Knight Digital Media Center and Contents Magazine covered the release of Project Argo's Open Source platform for creating topic-focused websites using WordPress, and Current featured Project Argo as the cover story in last week's issue, focusing on the project's success and its future.