NPR logo A Reason To Wear Hot Dog Earrings: Best 'Meat Week' Tweets

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A Reason To Wear Hot Dog Earrings: Best 'Meat Week' Tweets

Hot dog earrings from @janelstewart

All week long, Morning Edition and NPR's food blog, The Salt, have beefed up their on-air and online "Meat Week" coverage with some fun conversations in social media. Based on Twitter chatter, it seems that "Meat Week" was a success. We might even go as far as to say it was well done.

So, with NPR wrapping up its "Meat Week" coverage today, the Communications team couldn't help but share our favorite tweets from the week. Check them out below:

If i had to imagine my happiest place it would be this middle ground transition from #meatweek to #pieweek on @npr
- @davidclbrown

Waking up to @NPR to learn it's #meatweek! Oh good, I have not had a reason to wear my formal hot dog earrings.
- @janelstewart

Wait. "We're wrapping up MeatWeek"? How the snap did I miss MeatWeek happening on @npr ?! Interrobang!
- @cleverinclevo

NPR Music joined in, too, asking people to tweet their favorite songs about meat:

#meatsongs Empire Steak of Mind
- @NPRMommy

#meatsongs Wake Me Up Before You Go Goat
- @BabyCisco2

@NPRFood My favorite meat song is..."Achy Steaky Heart" #Meatweek #meatsongs
- @DizbeArt

Check out all of the results on the NPR Music Tumblr: 40 Songs About Meat.

Up next, #PieWeek! Tune in Monday on Morning Edition and The Salt blog for the not-so-skinny on pie.