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Team NPR: Let the Games Begin

Team NPR
photo illustration by Betsy Martin/NPR

In our own tribute to the athletes and international competition, we've been imaging what the Olympics would be like if NPR journalists and staff were the athletes. Here are a few sports where we'd be most likely to make it to the medals platform. Can you think of others? Tell us in the comments.

- Beach Volleyball: Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell, Host and Official Judge/Scorekeeper (respectively), Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
Nothing says teamwork like a game show host and his scorekeeper. They're probably really good at high-fiving too.

- Track: Women's 4 × 400 Relay: Susan Stamberg, Cokie Roberts, Linda Wertheimer and Nina Totenberg
After decades spent perfecting the audio clock, this dream team is poised to steal the show – and the gold – when they take to the track.

- Equestrian/Dressage: Terry Gross, Fresh Air Host
Quick and light on her feet, Terry's interviewing skills will give her a clear advantage as the rider during competition.

- Synchronized Swimming: NPR Music
Adept at discovering talent lying just below the surface, just waiting for a big break, the NPR Music team is sure give a performance that is perfectly in sync.

- Cycling: Guy Raz, All Things Considered Weekend Host
Little known fact: How does Guy relax on the weekends? A nice long bike ride on a D.C. area trail...oh, scratch that. #WeekendHost

- Men's Javelin: Jack Speer, Newscaster
It runs in the family. 'Nuff said.

- Water Polo: NPR's Digital Media Team
They're constantly treading the ever changing waters of digital innovation and are able to pull off some infinite power plays.

- Gymnastics: NPR's Elections Team of Reporters and Editors
With all the flips and tumbles of the Presidential campaign, this team has the depth and flexibility to pummel to the top of the leader board and score the elusive perfect 10.

- Men's Individual Archery: Joe Palca, Science Desk Correspondent
Joe's advantage lies in the science of the sport and his likely ability to calculate the exact trajectory needed for each arrow to hit the target spot on.

- Women's Heptathlon: Jacki Lyden, Contributing Host and Correspondent
Dashing between reporting projects to hosting duties, Jacki could easily get ahead of the pack in this multi-sport event.

- Mountain Biking: David Gilkey, Photographer and Video Editor
We're sure after reporting trips to the far corners of the world or just capturing daily life, David is prepped to tackle the switchback climbs of the course.

- Track - 4 x 100 Relay: Newscasters
Watching the newswires, tracking breaking news, writing the script, reporting a live 5-8 minute headline-driven segment at the top and bottom of each hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week is a sport in and of itself. Can we get some Gatorade over here, please!

- Diving Team: NPR News Investigations Team
Between 3 meter springboard to 10 meter platform, the competition at the pool will be no contest when this team, used to diving deep to get to the bottom of a story, takes their turn off the board.

- Table Tennis: Tom and Ray Magliozzi, aka "Click and Clack," aka the Car Talk guys
Just try to keep up with the banter between the Tappet Brothers on Car Talk. Thank goodness for sweatbands.

- Equestrian/Eventing: Sonari Glinton, National Desk Reporter
Covering the auto industry and transportation in Detroit, this guy can tell you everything there is to know about horsepower.

- Long Jump: Ari Shapiro, White House Correspondent
Officially the first NPR reporter to be promoted to correspondent before age 30; that's one big jump in his relatively short career.

Follow all of NPR's Olympics coverage on air and online at, and be sure to check out our official blog of the Games, The Torch.