The Curious Listener: Getting Booked : NPR Extra The Curious Listener is getting bookish today with a few guidelines for how to submit a book for review at NPR.
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The Curious Listener: Getting Booked

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This week on Morning Edition you may have heard more talk than usual about TV - its history, audiences' habits (and how they're changing), and the future of the tube. The conversations and reports are part of a series called How We Watch What We Watch exploring what we consider "TV" in a time when screens of all sizes are capable of serving so many purposes.

This same idea could easily be said of books, which are no longer bound by the same physical characteristics they once were. But even with the advent of e-readers and smartphones, there are still some instances when a paperback can still do the trick.

For example, each week NPR receives stacks of paperbacks and hardbacks in the mail to be considered for review by NPR Books, and it's still completely en vogue. So if you've got a book and are wondering where to send it, the Curious Listener has your answer:

I would like to know the proper procedure for submitting a relevant book for review and discussion: address, contact person etc.


Lake Geneva, WI

Dear Dennis,

Thank you for contacting NPR.

NPR occasionally provides on-air reviews, and we welcome submissions. To submit material for consideration, please address to a specific program at:

635 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Please note that a submission does not guarantee an on-air review. Material submitted will not be returned. Additionally, we receive many submissions daily; we cannot track them. If you wish to know that your package has been received, please send it via a method that provides that service.

If we have further questions about your submission, we will contact you.

Thank you for listening, and for your continued support of public broadcasting. For the latest news and information, visit

NPR Audience Partnership

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